How To Tell If a Painting is an Original or a Reproduction

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hi I'm Ryan Laster and this is last

year's fine art and antiques we get

asked a lot of questions we're doing a

new video series or hopefully we can

answer some of those common questions

that we hear keep watching and maybe

we'll answer a question you have people

always ask how can you tell if an item

is an original or reproduction you will

see two different pieces of art and I

will show you the differences between

the two first is a limited edition print

by Bob Timberlake this item has been

titled numbered and signed by the artist

himself some people may think this kind

of art is original but it's only

originality is the number right here

this tells us there are at least 1000 of

these in circulation here are some other

things to look for is the art behind

glass is the art signed more than once

and when magnified

can you see colored dots in the image

your reproduction may have none or all

of these qualities if you're still not

sure ask an expert this next piece of

art is an original acrylic on canvas by

Frank Rowland

notice how this item has lots of texture

it's best to not touch the paint with

your bare hands as the oils on your

hands can damage the paint over time but

if you can feel texture chances are your

art is original here are some other

points to consider is your art painted

on canvas can you see brushstrokes in

the paint is your art only signed once

and when magnified do you see only solid

color your original artwork may have

none or all of these qualities if you're

still not sure ask an expert hope you

liked the video if you have any

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