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Sharing buttons:

toby is not good we should fix our

shopping since some recorded for this

one too so we were there nice back to

good this so maybe we'll still dancing

Auto and finish so it would take a

duster I'll make this the vectors

they sleep

for you living

and cover the sister

goodbye Java code

or you'll see

sorry dance were able to give up got

room of the other day was real

when you go back to be able to fix you

chop it all right so uh

I wish I knew what now I will show you

patterns how do we make patterns of


so first we to be in the character since

that we leave the carrots

all right

the buttons might have compare a with a

have five patterns you have to remember

what French phrase each of your French

major so I use this part for buttons and

use this part for Julian's first I'll

make buttons


if I cut this yep are you got enough

value guess what I do is I have to make

a page so it stays on the table now yeah

we got naked eyes now still a what I'll

do I'll cut slices to make cutters I cut


big slices



what do I have

magnets and budgets

so right now what are we doing we're

doing Julian's Julian's up we are the

car wood on the shape of the matchbox


so I'll first measure the length if it

is enough for me

now again this dancing so I'll make a

base before another one cut your fingers

our base where are the words I think of

10 10 10 10 slides if they were plated

now like Mariska deliver


what do I have of stasis now what do I

do in this place is I'll fight up what a

top of order

and unstuck good luck

what do I have

Julian's right now what do we have we

have we have one we have worked in a

factory says what is from this I can

make another girl which is known as

messy to us what I'll do is I take three

buttons erase them if you see there

anyone just gonna trim away

and start oh nice

one of it

what does this

nice as well I can call them messy


now once you're out of that gun but she

made from Julian's which is known as

brew noise through noise which means

really fine dices so I take few Julian's

I arrange them nicely

I'll just make sure that the UN Al Kut

and I'll start

what do I have I have

so you know now you know machine was you

know crude oils you know Batman's and

you know

city some look Joe Vicario

yes video camera tada



they waited to do another hop

what I'll do I'll move this Center but

why your sometimes very bitter

and what I do is this from him now when

I do

Namaskar to Navajo category Ana

what I do is honor it up


taco man


this is from this thing I follow finish



this is a cornet what Jenny Jenny oh all

right next cut with a stick

we are going to sleep green chilies how

do we sleep take this all this with your

hand take this and you go all the way

down all the way


we can use this for garnish

we need an fry put on top of this we can

also remove the seeds to lower down the

spiciness we see through both phases of

the to remove the seeds we can lower

down the spiciness this is known as slit

think it is chopped are similar to us I

take the parsley Martine

try to read this like this

you gotta think about as political


stocks are Alleluia and I out leaves it

so this stops I don't use for garnish I

use for stocks

when I'm making stock value this order

to us holders like this

my name

I'll chop it all the regulatory systems

then what I'll do

and stop I use this for stocks and ask

them now I feel that some is really

finely chopped from his modem

dick when I when I start you until I

reach the desire that me is the rubber

is the same thing with Tanya what will

happen then here we go black however the

new bhagavata couch over here black

there but parsley that what they are

faster with this is no matter how long

do I chop is like this this was not good

luck so stay green we're doing inertia

for not chef without we do it for the

fugitives like spinach or for basil he

can communicate this visit

what do you do this otherwise basic

versus like October now awake are you

awake now I'll be messy the rules of

yoga before you would bet Williger

philosophically telling you

give an example my little girl

I'll draw this


I can see God



China chef or not we do this for what

kuvira's demands were for leafy

vegetables he famously was generally we

do it for for spinach for her


next thing we're doing is slicing

slicing up the first

will this

like real this first

if it's a simple trick

these angels

ridiculous this part of the sacred part

of the wheel

where do I need this place mind the

slices for sandwiches for salads come

this whenever I think Google come make

sure you taste one piece

from design but


so now you're widgets we can do


take this at this dead weight

again let me take this

is this known as what

ridges it's good Konami wedges we can

also do the same thing with water

we can do this with

and with tomatoes we can know one more

thing we can also please hit the tomato

if we are visiting in the matters if you

know what what is he into the we should

come down I have a seat

well now we're gonna do is mine

everybody's got beer I didn't put this

my nightmare

now I take this same thing

now why do I need an issue tomorrow

other ways can I eat just mercy

blessed I see

that there is

- begun


hey another jewel in see another

Julian's head is preceded by can make

two years of this demand

that is you see this just take the pulp

out a bit to make it in


first against orders of onion I take

this area



I'd take this mercial out through this


now first I'm doing a fine job first

another girl fights okay there's a head

of Guardian Ronnie got me

on the people

because most deeply

pump is to push

now the u.s. plays good I'm doing a fine


you see a few nice Guardians late order

do it

good I'll go to cut


what do I have I have quite chopped now

sometimes we don't need find jobs

sometimes you need love Joe

do I do with the laptop I

I think this place is not going to take

you compare this with alia one that

takes extension target sending

like this we're cutting this like this

be careful if you might end up getting

your gum


what do our would I have one finely

chopped onion what