Bad Alternator or Bad Battery, Easy Solved

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okay guys for this video I want to show

you how to check to see if your

alternator is bad or your battery is bad

you're waking up in the morning you

start in the vehicle and it won't start

we remember you got to get a jump so

this is the last time you'll get a jump

and then you'll figure out what's going

on with it it's so simple I don't know

why I haven't made a video like this

before and you're not gonna buy any

tools you're not gonna use any tools the

car is gonna figure this out for you and

now I'm gonna get a lot of comments

about memory loss and I'm going to show

you something here at the end of the via

the end of the video here that's gonna

explain why that's really silly because

I know people are gonna mention it to me

but okay so let's go ahead and cover

this is it your battery or is it your

alternator you have the vehicle running

loosen up the positive cable see that's

loose I've already loosened it pull it

off the vehicle is running what is the

purpose of a battery it is to start the

vehicle only the alternator keeps the

vehicle running the alternator runs all

of the lights everything your radio it

runs everything while the vehicle is

running when the vehicle is shut off and

you're running your radio and lights

then it's drawing on the battery but

while it is running the alternator is

running everything while it's running

and the alternator is hooked to the

battery at this point it is it's

charging the battery so if you pull the

battery cable off clearly I need to

replace that if you pull this cable off

and the vehicle dies your alternator is

bad change your alternator and on newer

cars you have an internal regulator so

you're not gonna go to the regulator

anything pre-1986 I believe check the

regulator before you check the

alternator but if your vehicle is newer

than 86 and it dies when you pull this

off change the alternator if you have

more than one wire here set Chevy

Suburbans do Tahoe's do some Ford's do

there's two wires on the positive side

make sure you're holding those together

when you pull it off because one will

feed the fuse panel and the other comes

from the alternator to feed the fuse

panel so make sure you're holding those

together when you check this so you pull

it off the alternator the car dies the


Nader is bad if the car does not die

then the alternator is good there's only

one thing left your crappy battery

change your battery it's as simple as

that now I know what a bunch of guys are

gonna say right now in comment because

they've done it on my how to find a

short video if you need that click on my

name underneath this video for all my

other how-to videos and you can pull up

how to find a short and you'll see their

comments the vehicle has a computer

you're going to fry the computer you're

gonna erase all the memory on the

computer now your car is crap and you

have to get it serviced I've mentioned

us a million times if that's the case

when you change your battery because you

have a bad battery you're screwed

because you're gonna fry the computer so

here's a test for that you think it's

gonna fry the computer if I disconnect

the battery there's my computer I just

shut it off it's gonna power down now

did I fry my computer no why because it

has a memory inside of it when I open it

back up it's gonna just turn right back

on just like the computer on this car

it's gonna reload all the memory

settings that it needs for o2 sensors

and throttle body positioning sensors

and mass airflow sensors bla bla bla

the only problem you may have if it dies

and you have to hook it back up and now

you know it's the battery is you may

have to reset two things one your radio

stations if you like 108 point two seven

whatever it is it's no longer gonna be

on there if the car does die because the

alternator is not carrying the current

through the car therefore you're gonna

have to reset your favorite radio

stations boohoo you saved a shitload of

money on not buying a tool or taking

this to somebody to try to figure out

whether it's the alternator or the

battery the other thing is is your seat

position you can you move you're gonna

have a door when you open it up on a

newer car and you sit down on your seat

and it automatically adjusts to you you

may have to reset that again boohoo

the money that you're gonna save hiring

somebody to find out or paying somebody

at seventy five to one hundred and

fifteen dollars an hour at a shop to

determine whether it's an alternator or

a battery

you're not gonna care about those two

settings so do yourself a favor check it

out I hope this video helps somebody out

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once again guys enjoy thanks a bunch