How Old is Car Battery? Read Car Battery Date Code

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I'm going to show how to determine the

age of a car battery most battery

manufacturers heat stamp a date code

into the case of the battery it's often

found along the edge of the case of the

battery on this particular one it is on

the back of the battery when I ran my

finger along the edge of the back here I

can feel a rough surface something else

that you might find on the case of the

battery to indicate the age is a sticker

this one is twelve twelve that's not the

manufacturers date code however it

should be close enough to estimate the

age of the battery being the month and

the year a sticker on the battery can

indicate a few different things it can

be the day that we shipped the date the

warranty begins or the date that the

battery was recharged at the storage


the sticker may have a month and a year

on it or the month may be indicated by a

date code which I'll explain in the next

slide the heat stamp on this battery is

difficult to read if you can't read

yours put a piece of paper on top of it

and rub a pencil over the top the code

on this battery is six MKB the first two

digits of the heat stamp code usually

stand for the year and the month that

the battery was manufactured in the case

of my date code 6 would be 2016 an M

would stand for December

I is often skipped because it can be

confused with a1 sometimes 4 digits are

used the first digit will be the year

the battery is manufacturer and the next

three digits will be the day of the year

in other words if the date was six three

six zero the six would be the year of

manufacture 2016 and the 360 day of the

year I hope you found this video helpful

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