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welcome back everyone my name is

Gabrielle Moses today

I'm filming in my living room because I

wanted to change it up a little bit make

sure I'm still interesting I don't know

I just wanted to move a little bit legs

pretty good so today I am gonna talk

about though how to tell a girl you like

her and this is really important because

if you do it in the wrong way

she might become very scared of you she

might become a little freaked out by you

and she might never want to talk to you

ever again so I'm gonna tell you a few

ways on how I would personally like a

guy to kind of tell me she likes me so

hopefully this will help you maybe it'll

give you some ideas on how to tell your

crush you like her okay so the first

reason or the first way how to tell a

girl you like her is you have to make

sure you know her before you even start

telling her you want to know little

things she likes like her favorite food

favorite candy you want to make sure

that whenever you do ask her out you

know her a little bit so then you don't

accidentally step on her feet or say

something she doesn't like so for

example you might want to know her

favorite food cuz maybe you're gonna

tell you heard that you have feelings

for her over dinner or maybe you'll make

her picnic or something like that it's

just the small things the small things

that you know about her that are gonna

be important so before you even tell a

girl you like her you have to make sure

you know her a little bit because if you

don't even know her it'll get awkward

real quick it's like me going up to Zac

Efron I'm just frothing at the mouth

because oh my goodness I love you you're

my favorite person in the entire world

you should marry me like that's kind of

jumping the gun a little bit so for

example if she really likes Italian food

you can pack a picnic and then you guys

can go on the picnic in my here at the


you'd be like so I have something to

tell you you and then that's how you

tell her that you like her so make sure

you know we were just a little bit don't

go up to a complete stranger and be like

I'm in love with you because I wouldn't

recommend that the outcomes of that will

just be bad tell her friends that sounds

so weird but kind of like accidentally

let it slip to her friends cuz if the

girl's friend knows that guys have been

talking a little bit they will

definitely be asking you tons of

questions like hey do you like so-and-so

do you like her do you like or do you

like her and then just kind of let it

slip a little bit but don't flaunt tell

them what's going on so like if I was a

guy and I was hanging out with all my

girls that I'm interested in friends and

there asked me all these questions like

oh do you like Madison are you gonna ask

her out you can just be like yeah I

think she's a really cool girl she's

super nice I like hanging out with her

and then they'll definitely tell Madison

or whatever the girl's name is and then

that would get the girl to start

thinking like wow he actually likes me

like wow this could turn into me dating

him or something like that so if you

just leave it bottled up though no one's

gonna ever know and then she might never

know and she might end up dating another

guy so that's why you kind of want to

let either guy friend know or her

girlfriends know because then it's kind

of out there yes it could be

embarrassing that your crush knows you

like them but honestly it's not we're

not a middle school anymore it's good to

let the other person know you have some

sort of feelings for them or kind of let

other people know it as well because

then other people aren't gonna be

hitting on her as much it's not gonna be

as hard whenever you do tell her you

like her because she has like an idea

it's not gonna be all out of the blue

type of thing she's gonna know that it's

kind of gonna come up and even if she's

not interested in you as well she'll let

you know that before you kind of go for

it another thing is you have to flirt

with her like this is kind of

letting her know you do like her but not

actually telling her before telling her

if that makes any sense so if you flirt

with her it means that you have interest

in her you want her to know that

literally that's the reason why people

flirt like you just told jokes you can

tease her a little bit you just have to

be flirty cuz if you're not you're just

normal like you act around her like you

do other people she's gonna have no idea

whatsoever she's not gonna know you like

her she's not gonna know that you have a

thing for her and she's gonna be looking

at other guys this is just like telling

the friends hello sorry guys I got a

package I'm so excited to open it you

know how whenever you're kid you're like

I got a package that's what I feel like

cuz it's you never know what's in it

whatever it's like you know what I

wouldn't be doing after I film this


another thing before you even tell a

girl you like her make sure you know her

friend because her friends will have the

inside scoop on her and they will be

able to start vouching for you like if

you get on the friends good side

it's like brownie points to the girl

like she might not know it but then the

friends are gonna be talking to her for

you trying to get the inside scoop like

will she ever like you will she ever

hate you would she say yes to going out

with you does she like you back it's

like those type of things if you're

friends of the Friends of the girl that

you are in love with it makes everything

so much easier cuz then if you do like

her you can go on double dates with her

and her friend's boyfriend of course and

you can just do fun things with a friend

and even if you're not to that point yet

you can hang out with a group with the

girl and her friends too because then it

gives you a chance to get to know her

more and it makes it less awkward

whenever you do want to ask her out

because you've been hanging out with her

so much lately and whenever you do get

to know the friends as well you're kind

of getting to know the girl through the

friends because if you date a girl or if

you like a girl and you know her friend

a lot of the time the friends act like

the other friends it's like a cult they

all act the same or somewhat alike this

one is definitely common

since to me but I know with like nerves

and stuff you might be scared to do this

and it's to talk to the girl you like

before you even tell her how you feel

sorry guys I just realized these were

definitely really crooked I am sorry for

everyone who has OCD out there or

noticed that because I me insane when I

see those things but back to what I was


talk to her occasionally that's what I

was saying I forgot for a second but

okay you want to be able to talk to her

even if it's in person through text or

snapchat whatever form of social media

you want to be able to talk to her

because whenever you start talking to

her then you're starting to make the

sounds dumb and cliche but you're making

memories with her like you guys can

start laughing over text you will start

making a connection and that connection

is kind of important whenever you're

gonna try and tell her that you like her

cuz if there's no like spark you know

the spark that they talk about in the

movies it's probably not gonna go

anywhere but if you guys do talk and if

you do like have a connection that spark

is alive or whatever then she's more

likely to have the same feelings that

you do for her okay so this next point

is more about like how you're gonna tell

her you like her you want to do it in a

spot that is memorable and that's not

completely out of the blue you want to

do it with when it's cue and when she'll

remember it and yes you're definitely

not asking her out or anything so it

could just be over text definitely never

asked a girl out over text but you can

like give her a heads up like hey you're

a cool person like I like talking to you

and I'd like to talk to you some more

like I enjoy being around you you're fun

to hang out with yeah if you're nervous

to do it over like in person definitely

just do it over text do it over FaceTime

snapchat it's not asking a person out

it's not as serious because then if you

are nervous if her saying no or anything

then it's not as hurtful whenever it's

over text like yeah it still got her

but it's not as scary birds in person

and yes if you're doing it in person

don't be scared but don't do it in front

of a huge group of people because

that'll make her feel uncomfortable yeah

like I did feel super awkward if someone

came up to everyone a football game

being like I like you whenever you are

gonna tell a guru you'd like her to make

sure you kind of rehearse it in your

head because if you don't this is what

happens to me the comes out like it

makes no sense and I think it makes

sense and I think it's gonna go

perfectly but then whenever it comes

down to the time it's just the complete

mess so just practice it in your heads

like you don't really have to practice

practice but you can just think about it

for a little bit

because you don't want it to be kind of

like whoa spur of the moment type of

thing and you end up ruining it all so

just kind of think about it just every

maybe like one or two times before you

actually do it if you really want to

practice in your mirror so then you can

see what your facial expressions look

like I guess I know I have the weirdest

facial expressions about 90% of the time

whenever I'm talking yeah I can't really

help that one but you can help it

your talking skills if you talk to

yourself in your mirrors just think

about who knows might be having some

dreams about her

can't really control that one but you

also don't really want to put her on

this spot like you're not gonna be

telling her like I like you tell me

right now how you feel about me no give

her some time to answer tell her like

you don't really have to say anything

back or anything right now like just

think about it for a little bit because

if you let her think about it then she's

gonna be thinking more about you she's

gonna be thinking of like the

possibilities that you guys have it

together you don't want to put her on

the spot and make her nervous that's the

number one way to make her nervous is

like I want to answer now tell me or

else everything's over that's how she's

gonna feel she's gonna be like I don't

know what to say I don't want to mess it

up like he's a really nice guy but he's

putting me on the spot right now like oh

my goodness I don't know if you noticed

something that

today maybe you liked it maybe you want

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guys enjoyed this video I hope it helped

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