How to Secretly Measure your Partner's Ring Size

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hello everyone is already 2017 and for

my very first video for this year we

will talk about waste or tips on how to

get your girlfriend's inside okay so I

want to really say that this tips are

like very very very x-rays but at least

you can get something closer to accurate

of course when you propose you want it

to be as close to perfect as possible

isn't it

so yeah this way you can actually help

you get closer to that current size by

the way you are the proposal rings and

the immigrants or diamond rings they're

actually the same and they're all worn

on the left or anything okay although I

mean if you're open want to wear it on

the other hand it's also fine you all

have the freedom to use of that one so

it's soaking up to her already

okay so please keep watching and don't

forget to give a thumbs up and hit

subscribe okay let's get straight to

this video so I have here a few things

with me prom I have here some rain some

strength classic trips ruler and flick

off come on

okay so let's start off with the most

anchorage one so of course it will be

desk if you can get one of your rings I

want already college bell ring of course

we wanted to surprise her so definitely

asking permission is not an option so

you can probably just take one of her

rings okay so just a reminder for your

citation occasional where she's wearing

the ring is she wearing it on her tongue

or on her pinky ah anyway whatever she's

wearing it is it occasional left or

right hand at least from there we have a

rough within roughly gauge if we need to

take a bigger or smaller ring

based on the ring that you took if it

will be helpful maybe we can just take

one of her recently wine rings so while

she's wearing it they can just play with

it a bit too tied to the to lose so that

would help a lot because nowadays penis

has a tendency to wear fashion rings

which are a lot smaller for our insides

are a lot bigger for our ring size

sometimes nowadays right accessories can

be worn like half way like that okay so

it's very helpful if you can just let us

know so it will be more accurate so

that's number one

now if you don't actually have access to

her things and you find it very tough to

get one of her rings I think this will

be a very good time for you to just ask

some help from her family and experience

I'm not sure it's all guys through this

but I think somewhere along the way

before the proposal guys actually asked

some sort of permission from the parents

right so this is also a good time afraid

to ask for their help to get your ring

types maybe the mom bought her ring

before and chain with the ring size or

maybe the one can help you pass her

daughter's friend to you or maybe the

sister or the best friend knows the ring

size so that will be very very helpful

unless you know that the best friend or

the sister is like Christmas sister

already but they can not really keep a

secret from each other then you can just

probably resort to tip number three if

you can ask for her family's help you

can ask for your girlfriend's house

after help to buy an accessory for your

sister's face while you're in the mall

just pretend if your sister asked you to

help reply an accessory for her user


like a model and this treaty asked for

the range of size or alternatively of

the ring is this a affordable fancy one

they just going light number four there

are actually some assistants for a

couple or ready to them together if

that's the case use it on your advantage

if your girlfriend is a deep sleepers

you can use a ribbon or a media strip of

paper to get her reference height I

would say we're offering size because

this may not be so accurate depending on

the thickness of the ribbon you use and

the manner or the way on how how you get

there in time by right you should hold

it on your hand and wrap it around there

then you can actually just mark the

ending portion like that okay and you

may use just a ruler to get the size or

so now this one is actually it's pretty

accurate it's pretty accurate for me yes

this 5cm which is the 50mm circumference

my hand is actually 15 5115 if you want

announcer alright so is around there

it's actually a Carina it's the thing is

yeah I measured it and situated it

it's a very nice tip for me but normally

is your openness and it's an authority

to want to wake her off so it's Mikey

sniping easier than it should be so

that's another thing guys by the way do

not ever ever ever use a thread thread

is way too thin and is not accurate at

all I've got a customer before this cost


size difference based on a measurement

taken from the trash and the correct

right height so yeah don't use a thread

alternatively it's a great example

gentrified and tall and then maybe

you're just waiting for a trading model

or something like that you can actually

ask prevent blacks texture this is way

more accurate because this trick is

actually really used to like get ring


this shows the sizes and us metrics it

will show you like ties and half is like

11.5 2.5 2.5 into well okay so the same

process you just have to wrap it around

your hand but fish is thicker 3d it's

pretty slow in size and so it should be

more accurate but again because she's

dipping and you don't want to make her

miss my mommy so accurate but a piece

coat okay so that's now for those of you

guys whose girlfriends are very light

sleeper like whenever snores I'm just

kidding for those guys whose girlfriends

or like very light sleeper the best

thing you can actually do is take both

over hand side by side with something

else like maybe a pen or a meteor ruler

or even your own hand you can take photo

side by side just take my mouse okay

or you can actually do this test even

while she's awake and you can just lift

this crazy or you can also do it like

you just asked her to try a whole tray

over her hand or like I don't know how

so a lot of this visible and it's like

we can change the whole part then we

have our session is to gauge during eyes

for you so there you go guys those are

the five voice or five tips on how to

get your own prints in size 6s TV so

just a summary first you can actually

take one of the rings - if you can

actually ask for her friends or her

family's help to get the ring size for

you number three is to ask for help to

buy something for your sister

number four is to use

lassic sizers or ribbon to actually get

her r-n type and number five is to take

a photo by the way the fifth step you

can actually do it in together with the

other set because this one is quite easy

so even if you just cross to Facebook if

you find her photo taking a selfie like

that so that's good enough so that's all

nice if you came into this part of the

video I know that you're one of the 50

er guys who really want to surprise your

girlfriend and I want to salute you for

that if I can in any way help you guys

out with your diamond search he can just

message in July of Facebook or what's up

I'll be more than happy to assist you

thank you for watching guys good luck

Happy New Year buh-bye