i called strangers and accused them of cheating...

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hi guys what's up we're just gonna get

right into it i'm already driving

because i don't want to waste any time


how are you guys doing i hope you're

doing good i fell asleep last night

at 4 00 am i originally was going to

upload a video

on valentine's day that didn't happen

on valentine's day i ended up not doing

anything it was a really depressing

valentine's day i played minecraft

so today's video here's what we're going

to do in the past i've done calling

random dads

and telling them i'm their long-lost kid

i've done um

calling random people and asking them

where they hid the body

that was a good one um i also have done


strangers and breaking up with them but


we're going to be doing calling random


and accusing them of cheating on me

every time i film my intros in my car i

hate doing it

right in my hometown because i don't

know who's watching

i was going to do calling strangers

and acting like their stalker but

everybody i pitched that idea to was


please yeah go ahead and like this video

if i should do that video and just say

it because i don't care at this point

also go and follow my instagram and go

dm me some of your friends numbers just

in case for next time because

it'd be really appreciated can we get

off topic just for a sec

i have finally watched one division

if you haven't seen wandavision you're

missing out that's

a real shocker for me because it takes

me a lot

to really like a show and continue

watching it

and one division did that michael use

poor sweet thing

you don't have a thought behind those

eyes do you

i got some form of coffee because i'm


i'm a walking corpse my brain feels like

the inside of a

hollow bowling ball are bowling balls



this is the longest light in history

uh he was hot it's so funny how i used

to not really like coffee

like the fact that my yearbook quote was

i like my coffee how i like my

women i don't like coffee but i played

myself because now i like coffee

i've realized that it gives me more

energy than red bull does red will just

kind of

recently it makes my stomach hurt and it

makes me break out like a

[ __ ] oh my god right now we're

next to the place where i graduated from

and now i'm here what am i going to say

to the people on the phone

i'll be like i saw you with her and

they're going to be like what

like i saw you or maybe i'll be like

i saw the texts so last week i uh posted

a tick tock

basically making fun of nikita dragon i

wasn't making fun of her i was making

fun of her actions

there was a video of her going to bow a

steakhouse with

what looks like basically a little

ziploc baggie

can you find this for me

hi javier and she used that as her mask

so i

took that video and i stitched it and i

and i mimicked what she did

and my tick tock ended up on like 10

different t

accounts and like even my own parents

were sending me

the clips that were going viral i'm like

is this my first scandal


okay is this better race me i'll [ __ ]

race you [ __ ] okay

um bye we're here

okay by the way can we just take a

moment to appreciate now that my room's

done i can film

in here as you guys heard from the intro

we're gonna be calling random people

and we're going to be accusing them of

cheating on us can we just prank call


no why not like just like calm down and

be like

help oh

wait are you wander or am i agatha [ __ ]

i will


is this you know who this is i saw you

with that girl what do you have to say

for yourself


sorry what jeremy what the [ __ ]

i saw you with that girl what do you

have to say for yourself

is this a [ __ ] she was with last week

no then who am i speaking to

you're speaking to a 12 year old

she's allergic to dairy i saw you

getting milkshakes with that guy last

week so apparently you lied about


hello how could you do this to me wait

you wish

you told me that you were allergic to

dairy and yet i saw

you getting milkshakes with that guy

last week

oh my god you know who this is i'm sorry

i feel so betrayed there's gonna be


what can i do to make it up to you well

you know what now that i know you're not

lactose intolerant

uh why don't you go get a milkshake and

shove it up your

she's speechless caught her in the lime

i'm so sorry

well clearly you did because i saw you

slurping down that milkshake

i don't think i'll ever recover from

this it was vanilla swirl i saw it with

my own two eyes oh

it's sneaky

i never [ __ ] wayne i have a [ __ ] ray

it's me

thank you thank you thank you that was

pretty good

so our next victim she hates horror

movies and has a boyfriend

and it is her messy room be like you

told me you hate horror movies

yet i saw you at that film festival

watching insidious with him

last week she's all in serious the new

one she's all wet

i'm like don't worry about it you told


you hate horror movies and last week i

saw you

with that other guy watching insidious

at that film festival

did i stutter it's funny because she has

a stutter in real life and no

it's not offensive because she approved

this joke okay i'll go out and watch

some people doesn't mean i

like them i'd like to differ i think we

should see other people

yeah i didn't like you anyways

you're messy just like your room hey

better go clean it because i've been

trying to clean it but i can't well it's


you clearly have enough energy to go to

the movies with jimmy

so those promise rings were a lie you

told me you loved me and then you

cheated on me

okay i saw your text can't even deny it

i thought we were in love i thought you

were committed to this maybe if you

weren't such a [ __ ] [ __ ]

i would have

you know what this is her new girlfriend

and i'm a big [ __ ]

so what now so

no i'm saying now her name's kennedy and

i'm gonna say she's cheating on me with


the hockey boy please leave your message

i'm gonna leave a message

you know what kennedy a little birdie

told me

that last week you were at dick's

sporting goods picking up some

hockey equipment i'm assuming it's for

that boy named

dax so i hope you know that i'm leaving

the country because of you

pack up your [ __ ] because if not it's

going to goodwill ryder he's a drug

addict you cheated on me with crystal


oh she's a karen look karen

we've been married for 40 years what are

we gonna tell little jessica

she just started talking now she's not

better anymore she's just gonna stop


what how could you do this to me you

know what you said i was the one

but i found the pictures do you have


what i'm calling him back

this is her father you need to apologize


what are you going to do

hello wow what a low blow i caught you

with my twin you should feel ashamed

is this a robot cheating on someone

with their twin can i tell the


ew i'm just trying to play minecraft

right now you told me you hated


i bet you're with her with my twin right

now i am son of a [ __ ]

yeah he has a diamond pickaxe is that


i should have ate him in the womb when i

had the chance

winnie we're like weenie hello

hi um listen here

you little weenie mallory has a new

boyfriend and i hope you can live

with the despair because she was the

best you'd ever have um

okay got anything to say twinkie what's

your problem

you why i've never messed you in my life

like what yeah it's not a bad day

i'm just confused this is judging me

from my own life

he got decisions oh my god malory you

should not have given me that guy's


he's gonna come after you ben

i'm so i'm so sorry but

i just wanted a call to admit to you


i cheated on you and y'all [ __ ] said

i couldn't act

look at those tears what i know it's a

lot to process but you need to stay with


yo who is this you know who this

is don't play stupid you just murdered

my ear like that

i did not moan in your ear i have

nothing crying about two seconds ago

i know it's back no no it's back

you wait no i oh wait

this is not who is it you're adopted

i can't do this [ __ ] anymore