7 Subtle Signs a Shy Girl Likes You

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Seven subtle signs a shy girl likes you

Not everyone is as confident or outgoing as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde

Instead of wearing bold bright pink every day some girls might shy away from that and wear more muted tones

for a shy person

common struggles

they face are public speaking going to parties and of course confessing their feelings to someone they like

Are you wondering if you're shy co-worker, a friend, or classmate likes you? here are seven signs a shy girl likes you

1. she fidgets and adjusts her clothes. girls want to look good in front of their crush

So if you find her smoothing her skirt or combing her fingers through her hair

Know that she's making an effort to look attractive for you

If you find her fidgeting with her fingers too, it means she's nervous around you. help her relax and show her

It's okay to be silly with you

2. she finds small excuses to be around you. a shy girl will rarely ever outwardly ask you out on a date

What she'll do instead is find small open windows in your schedule just to be around you

Whether it means hanging out in a group setting or knowing when you'll be at the library or coffee shop

She'll make sure to show up at your favorite spots a shy girl wants to be noticed too. 3. she looks away at first

Strong eye contact is usually a good sign someone's in to you, but shy girls often have a hard time with this one

When you talk to her take note on how quickly she looks away from you

If you notice that she does this frequently it's because she's nervous around you

Eventually though shy girls want to boost their confidence. So the more you talk to her, the better she'll be at holding her gaze

4. she eavesdrops on you

When a girl likes you she'll want to know every little detail about you

She might not be the best at asking questions to you. So watch out

She'll be sleuthing in the background if you catch her

Leaning in as you talk to others or notice that she's asking your friends about you

Chances are she's collecting information to make a good impression

Pretty cute right? 5. She laughs at your jokes. a girl whether she's shy or not

Will often laugh at a guy's joke when she's into him

Consider it a shy girl's subtle way of flirting with you

Even if you weren't being intentionally funny and she suddenly laughs at what you said

This is a clear indicator that she's into you. people tend to find others funny when they find them attractive. 6.

She interacts with every guy but you.

You might think she's avoided you because she doesn't like you or finds you annoying

But this is actually not the case at all, when a shy girl is into you. She'll feel nervous and awkward when you're around

If you catch her comfortable and at ease around other guys

She could either be trying to make you jealous or has no idea how to act towards you. Don't be discouraged by her flightiness

Instead approach her confidently and see how she behaves

If she acts strange or blushes then this is a clear sign, she likes you. 7. she's more interactive with you online

Shy girls might not be as talkative in person because they're worried about saying something weird

Or unsure about what to talk about

So if you've received lengthy text messages or notice that she's putting effort in to keep the conversation going

Then it's a sure sign. She's into you

Don't worry too much about the time she takes to respond if she's quick then it's a strong giveaway

But if she takes her time know that it's also possible she could be playing hard to get or you know, she could be busy

Too but hey, it makes it all the more obvious. She's taking time to get back to you

Do you think a shy girl likes you? Please share your thoughts with us below. Remember

Shy girls have a hard time being forward. So maybe it's time YOU make a move and ask her out already

She'll be relieved you did it first. For more helpful information

Please check out our video. Five ways women fall in a know also

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