How To Tell A Good Scary Story

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hello everybody and welcome to how to

tell scary stories today I'm going to be

explaining how to tell a scary story and

in what situations are best for or

certain stories

so let's first just start off with scary

stories versus creepy stories when it

comes down to it you can tell two kind

of scary stories one can be a kind of

loud kind of boo you know big spook in

their face at the end or you can choose

a creepy story that one in which they

never really saw coming now when it

comes to groups or ages it's usually

best to tell creepy stories to teenagers

and above because they understand the

story more they get more freaked out by

a creepy image if I were to show you a

picture of a ghost that's more of a

scary outlook like it's more of a boo in

your face however if I were to show you

a doll that was just in a corner looking

a little bit odd maybe her eyes are a

little bigger that's creepy because it's

not technically trying to scare you it's

just out of the ordinary and when people

see that kind of thing you can tell

here's a picture right here I just found

this enemy Internet it's just easy just

type in creepy you'll find it now why is

it creepy so I picked out as you can see

here a nice little roller-coaster ride

it it's just old it's junky it's got

some dirt on it but it's got a face and

the reason that it looks just a little

bit off to us from the normal human face

is just extremely creepy to us but

however if I were to show you a scary

face like right here it's more of a

popping it's more you look at it and you

get instantly afraid of it you know it

wants to hurt you in a way

however with creepiness it's it's like

you never saw it coming you don't know

what is gonna happen particularly and

there's two kind of stories that go in

that direction scary is more for kids

who don't quite understand creepy yet

you don't really gain an understanding

for creepy ism until you're a little bit

older but you know you can tell kids the

same stories and they'll work

it's not the same now that brings us to

into our next point of how to be scary

detail it is the most essential thing

when talking into kind of something

scary you need to be very descriptive of

who you're talking about

what's going on with them who is the

protagonist what do they look like

make sure to add in as much detail as

you possibly can now if I were to just

tell you that there's a clown chasing

you you know he's just coming down he's

he's just running with you

that's not very scary but if I were to

go into you know a little bit of a

deeper voice and I said that he had red

shoes and a big white hat and he had a

big smile on his face with gigantic

teeth sprouting from his mouth blood all

over his face that's a little bit more

horrifying and the reason for that is

that it makes the person see what you're

telling basically it's like telling it's

the difference between telling the story

between these two images which one is

more scary to you when I see the one on

the right you just see somewhat more

imagery like if you look at his little

thing around his neck it's got blood if

you look close enough that little small

detail can be extremely extremely scary

even that small one like if you add in

something big like it has teeth that's

very scary instead of just explaining it

you need to make them see it if I were

to tell you that the clown was running

that's not as good as saying it was

thumping behind you as in you can hear

it because at that point the audience

will automatically start thinking of a

they start thinking of that noise in the

back of their head and they see it they

hear it and then the next point is

making them smell it what does it smell

like does it smell like blood what does

what is the surrounding area make sure

to build up a credible idea of what your

story is the more realistic it is the

better however there's a certain point

that you need to keep it in a

fantasy world like you can't explain a

horse horror story about a clown whose

teeth are sprouting that isn't exactly

real but the idea of everything that I

put around him was and that's what made

it scary now that's a scary story that's

not very you know that's not horrific or

anything but if I were to tell you a

scary story

like well I'd like to tell you one now

but I feel like it would just you know

make the video longer when it really

doesn't need to be so at the end of the

video I will include one scary story and

one creepy story however some might find

them a little bit not offensive but

horrific possibly anyhow going farther

into detail we need to look at the smell

the sound what they feel what they

everything you need to explain as much

as you can however you cannot go too

into detail and I recently found this

out when I made somebody just bawl they

were a teenager I didn't mean for it to

happen but they just fell down crying

which is understandable because if you

go too far in people will just not want

to listen anymore there's a kind of

element that you need to keep until the

very end sometimes make sure to keep it

as real though so I thought it in this

video by giving you a little short scary

story to be more specific it is a creepy

story one in which you don't really see

the horror to the end now I'm going to

be going through the story and stopping

in a few places explaining why it is a

good thing to say at this point so first

of all I'm going to explain the

character and who they are what they're

doing all that good stuff so there was

once a boy named Max and he was going to

be babysitting the neighborhood

well there's no other real word for it

other than annoyance her name was Katie

she was nine years old and she was

basically known around the neighborhood

as a troublemaker she never really did

her chores she never really did much of

anything other than make trouble her

parents knew this everybody around the

nail whole neighborhood knew this nobody

really wanted to watch after Katie

however sadly max needed the money very

badly so he agreed with the parents that

he would watch her one night so one

night led to another she never really

did her chores she always made him mad

so one night she decided that he or he

would prank her

he bought a life-size doll and brought

it to her house because he knew from

intelligence that she disliked dolls

very much she brought it to him and she

was very angry by it she told him that

if she if he hit hit hid the doll that

she'd be fine she would no longer you

know prank him she would no longer she

would listen to him more and she would

do her chores he shortly agreed to this

very happily and he put the doll

underneath the stairs and locked it away

so that she would be bothered by it the

next night he comes over and finds that

she isn't doing her chores she's again

not listening and the parents come home

see this and they decide that he

probably isn't the best fit he leaves

and he never comes back

however that night she went to bed but

this night was a little bit different

than any other it was a very very cold


it was about 1 a.m. when she woke up she

heard a strange noise from the basement

all of a sudden she heard banging loud

tip taps from downstairs pause ok so as

you can see there I added a little bit

of a sound effect it's always good to do

that when you're telling a scary story

because it immerses the person into the

story especially if you are talking

about something small like a little doll

make sure to add like a little teeny bit

of a snow is not like you know make it

very very like they have to listen to it

to know anyway continuing unpause

so she listens very very very very

quietly she lists

and she hears I'm on the first step I'm

on the second step I'm on the first step

I'm on the second step pause as you can

see there and they might voice a little

bit deeper a little bit more quiet and

the reason for that is that makes the

audience listen it makes them wonder

what is going on why are you getting

softer is something about to happen

that might be it and they're wondering

if you're about to spook the [ __ ] out of

them basically what you could do that's

that's one choice but if you want to

keep a creepy essence to it you want to

make sure that it's not that spooky

anyway unpause she hears this and

decides that she needs to go downstairs

to look at what's going on she peeks

down the stairway there's no longer any

sounds except a closing of the door

downstairs she doesn't want to

investigate but her parents aren't home

yet she runs down the stairs she listens

it's deadly Airy it's amazingly eerie a

different kind of eerie she takes his

short peek around until she looks at the

door and sees that it's not fully closed

yet she opens it up and sees the doll is

sitting there smiling at her it hadn't

been smiling before she told herself it

was it was was frowning before its head

had been a little bit cocked to the

right just enough to see that it's angry

its eyebrows hunched up a little bit she

slowly closes the door she runs upstairs

back to her room and hides underneath

her bed she hears it again I'm on the

first step I'm on the second step but

that is all that is repeated it doesn't

go any farther she knows there's only

six steps she falls asleep finally he

listened to this she wakes up in the

morning to her parents wondering why

she's hid underneath the bed

she doesn't have the heart to tell her

parents yet she ignores it she moves on

the next night she's scared out of her

wits of what's gonna happen her parents

hadn't quite found a babysitter yet so

again they had to leave her she begged

and pleaded please don't leave me here

she couldn't give a reason why so her

parents left she didn't want to go to

bed that night not that night she knew

it was gonna happen it was going to

happen again she was afraid of what was

gonna happen if it got to the top step

what had come after she didn't know she

went to bed finally closing her door

making sure to get underneath the covers

almost hiding under them

she was awoken again at 1:00 a.m. she

heard she heard the voice again very

very shallow this time but still in a

kind of girly voice not unlike her own

I'm on the first step I'm on the second

step I'm on the third step I'm on the

fourth step and it set it over and over

and each time it set it over it got

louder and louder and louder and at the

same time I got deeper and deeper and

deeper pause as you can see there what I

did was I did what I was explaining so

that they could not only imagine it but

they also heard me do it now if you're

in a dark room at this point you may be

freaking them out too much which you

might want to start backing off once you

see that somebody is freaking out you

might want to step back a slight bit

because if one person freaks out too

much the story's over and you can't tell

the whole thing which would be a darn

shame because it is a good story anyway


so she says to again investigate the

sound again as she peeks around the

corner the noise simply stops except a

door closing again she hears a click she

runs down the stairs again to see the

door is closed all the way this time she

opens the door and sees the doll is

smiling even more ferociously this time

but there's a difference it's an angry

evil glare straight back at her a knife

in the doll's hand she wants to take it

away but she can't she can't bear look

at it anymore so she closes the door

runs back upstairs puss

now I think this is a good point to

mention my stops and you know why do i

why do i stop so much why am i so slow

in telling the story well one reason is

it makes it more freaky and makes it


it makes them wonder why you're stopping

if they the more they wonder the better

is for you the more they see it it gives

them a moment to start thinking about

what is going on at the same time

however you don't want them to come to

the conclusion of what the story is

actually gonna happen which is why at

the end you're gonna see me speed up a

lot because I don't want them to fully

figure out what's going on I want them

to think about it but I don't want them

to fully think through the situation

anyway unpause she goes back to her room

hides underneath the blankets she hears

it again I'm on the first step I'm on

the second step I'm on the third step

I'm on the fourth step there's only six

steps and it keeps repeating over and

over and over she thinks she'll never

get any sleep

finally morning comes and the parents

come home they find her underneath her

blankets finally asleep that night the

next night that's and everything went


pause now I'm pausing here for a good


you see what I did there was I made an

inference I showed them that this was

the last night this was when it was

gonna happen because if I didn't say

that they would think that maybe it was

just another night of me telling the

same story over again what you do not

want they will get bored disinterested

and stop thinking through the story

anyway I'm boss that night she decided

she was gonna take a different measure

she would lock the door to make sure

that whatever it is stays where it


she put a lock on the door a nice simple

padlock and left it where it was her

parents left she felt a little bit more

distinguished this time like she had

done something right that night she went

in bed and there was a loud banging bang

bang bang it kept coming and coming and


just bang bang bang over and over and it

finally stopped for a second that's when

she heard it she heard a talk for the

first time and it's real voice it wasn't

a girly voice this time it was an angry

demonic voice it said let me out over

and over and over it banged and it

slashed and it kept going and going and


she thought she'd solved the problem

that is until she heard the door break

open she didn't know what to do she hid

underneath her blankets unsure of what

was gonna happen she heard it again I'm

on the first step

second step I'm on the third step I'm on

the fourth step and it kept going I'm on

the fifth step I'm on the sixth step it

was very very quiet this time very very

quiet more quiet than it had ever been

she felt the warmth of her blanket but

it did not soothe her at all she heard

it say it again but this time it kept

going I'm on top of the second floor I'm

outside your room

she heard the door slowly creaking she

couldn't peacful underneath the blanket

she was too scared she heard she heard

better better it's just small better

better the next thing she knew it said

I'm underneath your bed and everything

stopped and everything went deathly

silent she didn't know what happened she

didn't want to look underneath the bed

she knew that much she peeked from under

her covers nothing was there nothing was

in her room nothing that she could see

she decided that she'd look underneath

the bed she peeked underneath lifting up

her covers there was nothing there pause

and this is the final pause for this is

the moment when you need to decide what

kind of scare you want to leave with the

person you can either leave them with a

creepy eerie feeling or you can actually

scare them it is your choice I will give

you both endings first the scary ending

unpause all of a sudden cheers


right behind her she looked pandering oh

my god there she is no that was terrible

but so you do something like that you

make her turn around and you know what

happened she dies her parents come home

and they find her dead I throw it had

been slit but they opened the door to

where the doll had been and the doll was

smiling pause it's an that's that's easy

though scaring someone like that is it's

it's too easy really and it gets almost

boring to a certain point sometimes you

just want to creep them you do want to

leave them with an image that will stay

with them all night so let's try the

creepy ending this time so unpause she

sat on me she looked underneath her bed

nothing was there maybe it had all been

a dream she saw the smallest little note

that she could ever see she picked it up

it said check the closet downstairs she

didn't want to she didn't have the heart

for it but she slowly left her room

walking down the stairs she wanted to

look in the door but she didn't want to

open it as she was about to run back

upstairs and hide back in her room the

door opened on its own little girl

stepped out a little plastic girl but

that wasn't all to parent dolls tucked

out then as well when she looked at the

dolls they they they were different the

two parent dolls looked just like her

parents but she could tell they weren't

she got closer and she noticed that they

were wearing their skin their real skin

and then she looked at the doll her doll

it didn't look like quite a person yet

it still had plastic marks she then knew

she then knew what the doll wanted to do

it's slowly interests its way closer to

the girl slowly made its way she made no

effort to run she saw that they had

locked the front door she accepted her

fate Jax was always fond of Kathleen she

came to school the next day she seemed

normal but a little bit quiet that day

decided to gather up the courage to ask

her out

she said of course you have to buy me a

doll that looks just like you

he didn't notice the neat stitching on

the back of her neck and that would be

as undoing the end that's an old story

but I added a little bit on to it

because I thought it would sound good so

basically you need to get good at

improvising a story if you see that

somebody is freaking out at the very end

what you could do or like freaking out a

little bit in the middle like not enough

for their like about to cry because that

would be bad you can pick on them

meaning you can walk up to them and kind

of get in their face and really creep

them out if one person starts freaking

out everybody's gonna start freaking out

a little bit so you can use the people

in the group to kind of emphasize your

story anyway I hope that you guys have

fun Halloween I'm gonna be releasing

another one of these hopefully it'd be a

little bit shorter hope you guys liked

it make sure to LIKE the video leave a

comment and how how scary I was I tried

yeah well I like doing this kind of [ __ ]

so it was it was fun for me anyway see

you guys later bye