How to tell a hen from a rooster with 2 month old chicks chickens

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we're going to talk about how to tell

hens and roosters apart with two month

old chick these guys are nine weeks old

and I have hens and roosters I'll show

you this one is a silver laced Wyandotte

and as you can tell it's a rooster

he has comb and waddle development he

bites that's another sign and you can

see his comb and waddle are bright red

you won't have that with a hand you'll

have pink and the other thing you can

look for if you look at his tail it's

fairly undefined its arching and when

you look at the feathers they're kind of


they aren't broad and full like a hens

and I'm going to show you some hands

next that are similar I don't have the

same breed she has a similar comb and

you can see that this hand this is a

silver spangled Hamburg she's the same

age same badge but you can see she has

very little pink in her comb and little

to no poem or waddle development that's

a hen and we'll look at her tail

if you look at her tail feathers she's

got nice broad rounded ends on her tail

feathers and her tail is straight you

don't see any arching it's nice and

straight that's definitely a hen and

this is a little Easter Egger pullet and

this is a female hen you can see even

though she has some pink on her face

it's not necessarily bright red and she

doesn't have the comb development that a

rooster would have now they don't get

waddles so you can't go by waddle

development on Easter Eggers but the

other thing you can look at again is her

tail and when you look at her tail it's

fairly straight and she has nice defined

round feathers on the end so this is a


we're going to look at some single comb

single comb chicks now this is a Rhode

Island red and definitely a rooster you

can see he's got bright red developing

waddles in a large comb and when you

look at the tail it's not very defined

and you can see it's arched and pointy

look at those pointy little feathers

that's a rooster

all right and here we have a brown

Leghorn hand it's the same variety as a

white only they come in a colorful brown

variety she's beautiful but you can see

even though she has a little bit larger

comb this is a single comb variety

there's no waddle development and her

comb is only slightly pink

there's no red to speak of in it and

when you look at her tail fairly

straight tail nice round feathers that

signifies this is a hen hen

this is a little Buff Orpington same age

when I guess if it's a hen or a rooster

now we have bright red comb and wattles

that are fairly developed and let's look

at the tail

I see arching and when we look at the

feathers they're kind of pointy and not

very well-defined this is a rooster

and this one I don't know how many

people are familiar with the Turcan it

is a chicken

Caleb am I

and this is a rooster of course you see

the huge comb and wattles your liar and

you can see his tail is arched and when

you look at the feathers pointy feathers

definitely pointy feathers this is

actually my favorite breed I just think

they're neat and interesting and

beautiful and they're supposed to have

the naked neck like that he's not been

picked on or anything it's a gene all

right this is somewhat of a tricky one

slightly you can decide if you think

this is a hen or a rooster

if you look at the tail can you decide

if it's straight or arched and then look

at those feathers they aren't really

pointy but there's some narrower ones

they aren't all broad and defined and

then when we look at the face I see huge

Coleman waddles and I see red so as much

as I wish this were a hen it's a rooster

that concludes our tutorial with the

chicks that I have here I hope that

helps somebody determine if they have a

hen or a rooster