How to Spot a Fake Designer Handbag In 7 Steps

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let us say you've had your eye on one

particular handbag and wanted for the

longest time you've saved money and

finally you are ready to buy your brand

new fashion item but before you do just

think of all those retailers eager to

sell you a very good replica or in some

cases a decent fake of a designer bag

really it's like buying a luxury car for

men you have to be very attentive to

small details and know everything about

your dream handbag that's why we decided

to create a short if very useful guide

that will teach you how to choose the

real thing here are 7 ways to spot a

fake designer bag firstly attention to

details every single item produced by

any famous brand is very carefully

checked for defects before its release

all of the stitches should be perfectly

even and there should be no loose

threads or any other visual defects or

imperfections all genuine designer

handbags are handmade therefore if

sellers try to convince you that it's

just a manufacturing defect don't listen

to their stories there's no such thing

as a manufacturing defect for authentic

handbags secondly clasps buttons and

zippers pay special attention to small

things like metal clasps buttons zipper

poles plates and locks their quality

should be perfect and they should have a

number or a name printed on them which

is another sign of quality and

authenticity for example every Hermes

bag has the stamp logo Hermes Paris made

in France and another stamp on the back

of the flag indicating the year and

material used spend a little extra time

in a shop to check all the smallest

details it's worth it third materials

pay attention to the materials because a

famous brand doesn't use rough leather

they only use fine high quality

materials when you touch them you feel

like you are in paradise items with

leather trim should not be oily or

sticky some designer handbags can be

soft and flexible but they all maintain

their shape no matter what be extremely

attentive and do not be afraid to ask

the seller more

since fourthly brand names sometimes we

can get lost in the details and we don't

even notice the main thing the name of

the brand surprisingly fake items often

have the brand names printed in

different fonts smudgy letters or even

with misspellings tags and labels are

always a giveaway if the spelling of the

brand name seems unusual to you put

aside the bag and find another seller v

serial number a serial number is one of

the most important marks of authenticity

the label with the number is sealed and

attached in a special way making it

impossible to remove without damaging

fake items usually have a sticker with a

number that has just been glued

somewhere on the surface it will be easy

to notice if you take a closer look 6

packaging keep in mind that an expensive

designer handbag always has expensive

packaging often made of the highest

quality materials the package your

precious bag comes in to have no color

defects whatsoever all the additional

accessories should be packed as a whole

set with the bag they're never offered

for extra payment or as a gift the last

one distinct characteristics before

visiting a store do some research on the

specific attributes of the chosen brand

remember each brand has it's very own

distinct characteristics for example an

authentic product item will never use a

contrasting color for the lining

compared to the exterior color one of

the main things you should know about

prada is that they always use perfectly

matching colors for lining and exterior

material as for Dior look for their

unique bright red lining with the brand

logo woven throughout a shiny super

silky lining is a bad sign do you know

other ways to recognize faiths share

your experience with us in the comments

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