How to Tell if a Rolex is Real or Fake

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welcome and thank you for tuning into

our used rolex watches video series here

at Bob watch's calm we're happy to have

you and today we just wanted to go over

the most common question we get here at

Bob's watches almost on a daily basis

and that is how do I know if my Rolex is

real or not we find that there are six

easy ways to tell if you have a fake

Rolex or if it's authentic or genuine

and we wanted to share that with you

today a really easy way for us to tell

and it may be because we've been doing

this for a number of years we have some

experience in authenticating Rolexes and

we hold them almost every day is the

weight of a fake Rolex is very light

compared to a genuine one so if you have

something to compare it to it's it's

rather easy but if you're holding a fake

Rolex and it feels light it feels

lighter than it looks that is the plain

indication that you have a fake on your

hands the second and most common way

people can authenticate if their Rolex

is real or not is examining that second

hand and its movement it should be a

sweeping motion rather than a ticking

you can also hear it if you put your ear

to the case but it's just easiest to to

look at and examine the motion it should

be smooth rather than rigid another

really easy way to to see if your Rolex

is real or not is if it has a date on on

the crystal there should be a bubble and

if that number is magnified and fills up

that bubble that's really good and that

means that you most likely have a real

Rolex if that number is small doesn't

magnify it at all if it doesn't really

align that's an indication that you do

have a fake on a real Rolex that number

will fill up that bubble um if you do

have a loop or something to Magda

by the Rolex you do want to examine the

crystal on newer Rolex is something that

started happening in the 2000s I will

extorted to etch a crown on near the six

o'clock and of the crystal and if you

kind of hold the Rolex at a particular

angle and examine it you will see that

crown which is an indication that you do

have a genuine Rolex if you're feeling

adventurous and want to attempt to take

off the band a good way to tell if you

have a Rolex real Rolex is to take off

the twelve o'clock side and examine the

model number which indicates what kind

of Rolex you have but you're also

looking for the inscription original

Rolex design which indicates that you do

have a real Rolex we do have a quick

video tutorial on our blog video series

that tells you how to remove the band

safely and put it back on so if you're

interested in that head over to our

other videos if you remove the other

side of the band up the other side of

the band on the six o'clock side you'll

find a serial number which indicates

what your your Rolex was made if it's a

letter that means that it was made in

the 90s or 2000s the newest Rolexes are

completely random so it's kind of hard

to judge authenticity from it you really

have to examine other things but if it's

a number all numbers that means it was

made in the 1980s or earlier and if it

was a letter it means it's a more

current Rolex the last and most obvious

way for us to tell if a Rolex is real or

not is just really examining the details

everything from when you open the back

of the case and look at the movement

everything is really just going to be

perfect and that's how Alex does things

so if you think that something looks

misaligned or their details are blurry

or something doesn't

look real it's probably not when you

look at the lettering on the dial

everything's going to be crisp and

perfectly detailed something that

replica makers haven't really mastered

is the lettering on the dial it might be

a little blurry so really get a good

loop examine it you won't find any glue

glue or anything like that on a real

authentic genuine Rolex we thank you for

tuning in to our video series if you

have any questions our phone number here

is $898 com if you want to sell your

Rolex or if you just want it to be if

entik ated we have people all over the

nation sending in their Rolexes to our

home store and we look forward to

hearing from you