7 Signs Your Pearls Are Fake (Identify Fake Pearls)

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real pearls have a fingerprint like

surface ridges in them if you look very

closely at them even under a magnifying

glass you'll notice these surface ridges

and these specific qualities to each

pearl whereas a fake pearl all of them

look identical and they have smooth

surfaces they look the same the second

main thing is to look at the overtone

color just like the koi a pearl necklace

that I'm wearing right now all of the

pearls have an overtone color that's

extremely beautiful and lustrous

whereas fake pearls have sort of a dull

milky sort of color the next thing that

you would want to know is that real

pearls are reflective so when you hold

them into light you should see a little

reflection of the light in them fake

pearls or dull they generally won't be

reflective like that the next thing

would be a slight difference in the

sizes of each pearl and let me clarify

that a little more extensively if you

look at a strand of pearls and you look

at each individual pearl you'll actually

notice that each one of them has a

slightly different size shape and

texture and that's because they occur in


whereas a fake pearl would all look the

same they would all look exactly

identical exactly the same size as the

others real pearls are cold to the touch

their temperatures are very interesting

when you haven't put them on yet and you

touch them they feel cold but when you

put them on they sort of warm to your

body temperature whereas fake pearls

generally tend to remain at room

temperature so if you touch them they'll

feel about room temperature real pearls

are heavier than fake pearls fake pearls

are light if you pick up a strand of

them they're going to feel very light

whereas real pearls are kind of heavy to

your hand and finally this is a little

bit bizarre but this is actually a way

to tell whether or not pearls are real

or fake if you were to take a strand of

pearls and run them along your teeth if

they have a gritty feeling

then they would actually be real pearls

if they have a smooth feeling they're

not real pearls so an interesting thing

to keep in mind may be a little

unorthodox but definitely a good way to

tell whether they're real or fake