5 Ways To Tell If A Diamond Is FAKE or REAL

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in this video we're gonna show you as

the tilt for Starman is fake or real

we're gonna try five different ways to

test a diamond at home as jewelers we

may use loops diamond testers and lights

but today all you're gonna need is a

newspaper a lighter a sheet of fine

sandpaper and a glass of water we have

two stones to test they're both rounds

they're both six mils but one is real

one is a cheap fake so let's throw these

tests and see if we can tell which one

is which the first fruit test we're

going to do is not going to damage the

stone at all but the last two are going

to destroy it if it's a fake stone so if

you donít down your stone IVA is a fake

I recommend not doing the last toe so

let's get started this is called the

breathing test what you do you take your

diamond doll your stone your old it up

to your mouth and you breathe out air

onto the stone it will foger if you take

two to four seconds for the fog to clear

that's your fake stone if it clears in

like one second of - your real stone so

let's give it a go as you can see the

diamonds on the left was the fake the

one on the right was your real one a

quick little tip with this one if it's

quite warm outside stick it in the

fridge for a couple of minutes it makes

it much easier to see the fog so this is

the water test not tried this one before

ready up online but we thought it's

quite easy so let's give it a go so what

should happen the diamond should sink to

the bottom and the cubic stone should

flow on top or our way in the glass

that's what I say so just take a glass

of water and this go but real diamonds

straight to the bottom

fake diamond straight to the bottom so

for us that test didn't work no maybe

there are different sort of qubits you

can get I know for what it is it's a the

Diamonds a lot more dense to it but some

fake dollars might be more Liars or some

fake Styles might float to the top but

in this case the world one was using

sank to the bottom as well so it's not

gonna sir define an answer this one is

called the newspaper test so in this

test you find the small bolt X you put

the diamond flat down on top and the

real diamond you're not meant to be able

to read for it the fake diamond

you're gonna see some letters so let's

try could give it go so we take the real

one first so what you do you place it

facedown on the text and you can't see

nothing through that really can you I

can't see anything

should we try to fake one fake stone on

top where for a mirror I can see

strength already

I mean you can't read for it but you

definitely can see parts that are letter

and the black part things so often their

test is that works that works for me you

can definitely tell which one is real

which one is fake the last two we're

going to show you now they will damage a

stone if it's a fake so if you're not

comfortable in damaging a stone this

just in case take it to your journal to

get tested because that is the best way

but this one is the sandpaper test so

this is my favorite this is the one I

would use myself personally if I needed

to test a stone you get it you put it on

the sandpaper you rub it right and left

if it's a fake stone you're totally

going to destroy the top of it you're

gonna see loads of scratch mark if it's

real it's going to be no marked the

stones going to be as it was before you

rubbed it on the sandpaper on this see

you do it


so as you can see the one on the left is

totally scratched up it's gone misty

it's finished and the real diamond

it's totally crystal clear there's not a

mark on it it's the same as air it was

what we are called is ciliated inner

London we according to jackal which

means a fake and it's worth this is

called the burn test what you're going

to need for this is a glass of cold


you can need a lighter and a pair

tweezers to do this test you put the

stone into the tweezers and you're old

under the flame for about 30 seconds

then you dip it in the water if it's a

fake stone if she'll totally crack

internally and be smashed to pieces and

the real stone should be totally fine

get out of all it as it was before you

burn here let's get burning


as you can see this is the real garland

and this one was a fake I hope you

enjoyed this video if you want to see

more of us we've got lots more do making

videos and talking about diamonds so

make sure you have subscribe button but

what I do recommend if you want to get

your stone tested go to someone

professional who can look at it properly

and not not use a lighter we hope you

enjoyed this video and we will see you

next time