How do you spot a Proof Coin?

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what's going on YouTube hope you're

having a fantastic Tuesday

this is coin collecting hobby and thanks

for stopping by now today I want to talk

to you about well it's exactly what this

video is titled how to spot a truth now

I have a subscriber his youtube name is

Ace Frehley also well anybody goes by

dave remains so Dave from Maine asked me

so you're saying all proofs have an S

mint mark I just started coin or I just

started collecting six months ago I'm

trying to learn Dave for Maine he also

asked the question and find it went too

far there just is any coin that is

shinier proof okay so we're going to

answer both those questions in this

video and they're both great questions I

know that five years ago when I kind of

got back into coin collecting very you

know very heavy in the coin collecting I

found out one of my co-workers who's

also a big-time coin collector he's 63 I

think and he's been collecting since he

was like eight or nine but that's one of

the questions I asked him I said you

know I showed I think is a there's a

week back penny is kind of shiny um I

found it and I said hey I think I found

a proof he looked at it and you did this

you went nope and handed it back on my

butt but it did shiny I mean this is

like a you know old coin and you

shouldn't be this shiny proof so this

shiny wise and this proof tell me why

this isn't a proof and that so he

explained to me and so it's a great


and instead of answering him in the

comments and leaving a five page

description that I decided make a video

about it and maybe maybe some of you

guys will you know

also have this question and we'll learn

a little bit from it so we will start

out with is any coin that shiny a

the answer is nope a proof coin is super

shiny there's no doubt about that the

proofs are the they're like the tri tip

of the coins I don't know if you guys

are meat-eaters or you know if you like

stinks but tri tip to me is like the

best steak you can possibly have and so

a proof coin it to me would be like the

tri tip of coins this right here is a

proof coin 1974 that I found in in the

video they had this one was from the

wrap up of a thousand dollars in halves

that I went through this was one of the

proofs I found so this is a 1974 proof

if you notice all the flat spots Brian

Kennedy okay it's real dark and very

mirror like I'm going to pan down my

phone right now sitting on one of my

coin books and so being like right over

here text you some words it is the true

mirror you can see your face it's going

to look distorted but you can see your

face on this coin

oh there you go yeah see there's the

words to the book right there that's too

bright but it's very very detailed all

the flat surfaces are after after the

coin is struck by the by the die is

sanded down with diamond powder to give

that real shiny look the Kennedy bust

the letters the numbers that has that

really nice matte finish really you know

brings out all the detail so this is the

proof here's the obverse there side of

reverse plated all the flat she has nice

and dark shiny

we still kind of see the book right

there but it's real dark real shiny and

because of that and the matte finish on

the eagle and the letters just that all

the detail just kind of jumps right out

at you okay so that's the 1974 proof

though this is a 1974 Philadelphia

Kennedy this is pleasant I picked her

like $50 in house I'd had you know after

the after going through and this was one

of nicer ones I found so sighs show it

but it's still shiny but notice all the

flat surface doesn't have that mirror

it's shiny

is filthy detail still see the letters

numbers so on so forth awesome hair like

stuff some good detail and the hair and

the outline but it doesn't have that

finish okay look at the reverse eagle

still looks really good but it doesn't

hit light instantly just look at the the

flat surface that's how you can tell for


it's shiny but it just doesn't now that

that mirror shine so here's some bolt

right next to each other here's the

proof okay right there non proof proof

non proof see anything

real super shiny not so shiny okay

so all the flat surfaces on this coin

were polished with diamond powder no

diamond cutter alright so um that you

know real quick neat that it's a real

planet break it down shotgun style type

of a thing show you guys now this one

right here up lost them okay this one

nine half-dollar it's not this one non

proof this one's the proof okay proof

non proof

when you see this in a role actually I

will be right back okay so stack of just

regular Kennedys I will take proof coin

and I will put it random link this panel

hopefully you will be able to see well I

see okay

can you spot the proof

right there that's the proof coin see

our edge just shines and shimmers that's

the proof coin right there all right so

proof coin so that's what I look for

when I'm going through Rolla Kennedy's

that's what I do look for silver but if

I see that shiny edge eye it just draws

to me ah take me away from this role

okay good stuff

so that's a kind of like a

down-and-dirty basic I'm going to take

these gloves off

all right so that it's you know real

quick on how to kind of spot a proof now

to answer the next question which is or

which was the s-mint mark want up went

too far that okay so you're saying all

proofs have the s-mint mark just start

collecting six months ago I'm trying to

learn okay your brain might swell or

could explode so every proof coin has

the s-mint mark however every coin with

an S mint mark is not always a proof

okay best way I can you know say this

take the 1909 SBB sect or the 1909 S or

1909 yeah

1909 as 1999's VDB take those neither

those are proof coins but they do have

the estimate mark okay now take a 1919

17s Lincoln Cent

that is a proof coin okay but it can

also be an uncirculated coin

so there's proof sets and mint sets so a

mint set is a coin with good detail but

it still I don't want to touch it but I

have to touch it by the edge so coins

for amateurs touch anybody yet I promise

so a Mint coin just the little mint

strike coin mint set coin will not have

that mirrored edge or that mirik look to

it okay whereas a proof coin will proof

coin started they started minting proof

coins I believe was 19 once in 1936 it

could be 1937 so 1909 SB DB is not a

proof coin and sing those for the

Nichols the dimes the quarters half

dollars those coins are not proof coins

because San Francisco Mint did not start

making him until I believe this nineteen

I'm one to say 1936 could be 1937 so

but you know so now I look at everything

from 1930 people say 1936 to present it

has an estimate mark it could be a proof

or it could be a midpoint so a non Proof

Coin still still very detailed very very

beautiful coin has a lot luster to it

but those coins were they were kind of

sent out in circulation not they're

still going to have a lot of detail

because a lot of people that have those

coins they came in sets they came in

mint sets and just like the proof coins

come in proof sets

so is Proof Set 1987 so this is what

Proof Set looks like mint sets I believe

it's a instead of a case like this it's

just like a plastic like I used to have

one close by but we'll take this so it I

mean it's obviously thicker than a

sandwich bag but um so they'll just have

like all the coins their own individual

wrappings right here they'll be able

token that says the United States Mint

SEC so the N a Mint coin won't have that

same mirror shine so I don't I don't

want to shortchange you guys and you

know forget something I do have a

website pulled up real quick I'll just

scan real quick and see

okay so proof coins are sometimes

confused for mint coins mint coins are

coins which are produced for circulation

but remain in good condition often never

having entered circulation and the

reason is because they come in those

sets okay

and when people buy them they normally

buy them to collect him not to I got I

didn't buy this to pop these coins out

and spend them in you know Dutch

brothers coffee or something so they buy

them in sets for the same reason I have

this proof set for a collection proof

coins are often of higher quality than

mint coins due to the unique production

process they go through and so when a

proof coin is struck the planchette

comes down no I I'm going to touch this

one with my fingers everywhere CFA I'm

sorry but this is going back to the bank

anyway so you know here's let's pretend

this is a blank planchet okay it comes

down now business strike which is pretty

much every coin that you get and change

comes down and the press with the dye on

it goes to do and it goes in to to and

goes through to and it goes through they

are they're struck multiple times to

struck fast and they just crank them out

and i believe the the mint dye for

business strike coin like this is ten

thousand coins and then they switch out

to die it could be a hundred thousand

but I'm pretty sure it's ten don't quote

me on it but I it's one of those two I'm

pretty sure so it comes down to do a

proof proof coin I'm not going to touch

it because it on my gloves but proof

coin caused by will say this is the

proof and instead of it being hit twice

really bad or really fast you to die

comes down and it presses and it slow

and it presses and presses and presses

and it lists back up and it comes back

down there

presses and presses and it goes off

excellent comes down real slow to do and

then touch a ton and it goes off and

those dyes are switched out a lot a lot

more to preserve that crisp you know

crisp really fine detail they they often

have a deeper deeper strikes when you

look at them excuse me

when you look at in Kennedy's head seems

to almost like you know b3e popping off

that coin

whereas a business strike it's kind of

you know it's still coming off the coin

but it does not that same type pop and a

mint set is it still comes down nice and

slow but they don't really polish it up

as much doesn't have that mirror finish

so that that's about the best I can do

for now I hope this answers your

question Dave for me I hope this answers

any of your other questions that you

know for the other subscribers if you

guys had the same question thanks for

stopping by I do have a three cent video

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all stuff together for so hopefully I'll

be up in the next couple days

Thursday and Friday I don't believe I'll

have a video I'll be out in the woods

fishing where there's no cell service

and that is awesome so but I will try

and get that three cent video hopefully

tomorrow I cross fingers but thanks for

stopping by I hope you guys learned

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hope you enjoy this channel as much as I

enjoy making these videos for you I

that's about all I got so

thanks for stopping by and I hope to see

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questions ask if you want to meet it

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have a good day and see you next time