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hello everybody this is your produce guy

and today we're going to talk about a

terrific autumn treat and that is fresh

pomegranates don't know if you've ever

had pomegranates before I was introduced

to pomegranates insa growing up in

Southern California probably when I was

about ten years old our neighbor had a

pomegranate tree that hung over the

fence and all the pomegranates that were

on our side well we got to keep those

Nina now Palmer Bennett's if you don't

know anything about them

the juice really stains makes a bad

sting be careful it makes a bad state in

order for us to not mess up the house or

ourselves my mom would make us go

outside in the front yard on the grass

take our shirts off and we can eat the

pomegranates out there eat them fresh

and those are just so good coming off

the tree now what I want to do today is

show you when a pomegranate is ripe and

what to look for okay now we have a

couple of different examples I've got

for you first of all I've got these

little tiny pomegranates you'll notice

that they look a little bit dried out I

picked these myself off of a tree down

in southern Utah when we were on a trip

down there recently and I wanted to be

able to show you the tree-ripened fruit

you see this split and crack here right

there that is the way we'd take them off

to the tree back home in California

that's when they were right when those

things split open look at that guy that

looks ugly but those are ripe in there

now I wouldn't suggest that you look for

that sort of thing on the shelf at the

store when a pomegranate is picked it is

ripe and ready to use so when you find

one in the store you want to find

something with a nice smooth skin these

have a very glossy appearance and look

nice they're free of cuts and bruises

and they look quite fresh you can you

can see the difference in the skin as

this skin is big

tighten around the fruit in there as it

dries out and this one is beautifully

right so that's what you want to look

for nice smooth skin in the store now

I'm sure you've noticed the difference

between my tree ripened and picked

myself pomegranates and the ones I went

down and bought at the store and you're

wondering what's the difference well

doggone I was late to the tree on this

and all the big ones had been picked so

that's what happens when you are late to

the party now you know how to select a

nice ripe pomegranate thanks very much

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your produce guy and unless you are

planning to go out in the front lawn

take your shirt off and eat this

delicious fruit you need to know how to

prepare one safely so click on this

pomegranate and I'll show you how to

prepare one and not stain your clothes

your counter or anything else thanks so

much for watching