How To Tell A Guy You Like Him | 5 Steps To Tell Him You Like Him Smoothly

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how do you tell a guy that you like him

whether you just want to tell him you're

crushing a little bit or confess your

giant undying love this is how to do it

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so how do you tell a guy that you like

him well we did do a previous version of

this video but I wanted to give you an

update at an expanded version so that

you have more tools and conversation

pieces that you can use to tell the guy

you like him so that nothing is awkward

at all now there's generally two

situations if you've come to this video

wanting to know how to tell a guy that

you like him you're either in situation

one where you don't know the guy that

well maybe you're in his class or you

work with him or you know I mean your

Friendship Circle you probably know his

name but you haven't chatted a whole lot

and you want to tell that guy that you

like him or you're in kind of the

opposite situation where you've known

the guy a long time you spend a lot of

time together and you've started to

develop feelings and you want to tell

the guy that you like in two different

situations and I'm going to go through

both of them for your specific situation

today so let's start out with the guy

that you don't know that well but that

you might be crushing on a little bit

the first thing with this guy that you

have to remember is you've got to do all

the normal stuff

you've got to get talking to him so the

best thing the first thing you can do

step number one is to just get into

conversations get into conversations

start conversations if he's in your

class you can use things like class

topics assignments to start simple

conversations in a simple way if he's at

your work you can use work related

topics you know if he's in your

Friendship Circle you can talk about

mutual friends it's not weird to go and

introduce yourself and talk about a

common topic if you're feeling more

confident you can use something in the

environment to just open up a

conversation with him it might be

something outside or if you're at a bar

you talk about something in the deck or

or you're feeling extra confident you

can just go up and say hi okay so once

you've got talking to him once step two

is to get talking to him regularly so

you want to go in his mind from that

random girl that talked to him to that

girl he talks to a lot once you've made

that Association it's gonna be easy to

move on to step three which is figure

out if he's single we had a video last

week on how to ask a guy single so for

info on how to do that go check out that

video step four is to get some

one-on-one time with him you can't tell

a guy you like him

you guys aren't hanging out one-on-one

or if you're just sitting in class or at

work so get some one-on-one time if

you're talking to him regularly you know

you're gonna know some of his interest

he's gonna know some of yours let's say

he talks about something that he did on

the weekend you can say hey it was my

invite make fun of him for it and then

he says ah you'll have to come to the

next one you say that would be great

here give me a phone I'll put my number

in it and you put your number in his

phone or maybe there's something you

wanted to do maybe you wanted to go

ziplining or rock climbing or something

you can say to em hey I've actually been

really wanting to go rock climbing I've

been looking for a friend to do it with

would you like to come he says yes you

say sweet what if I pop your number in

your phone you text me let me know when

you're free you got to get that

one-on-one time and once you've got it

once you've got that one-on-one time

step 5 is to tell him you like him

non-verbally so you're in much more of a

normal dating situation in these

circumstances where you don't know the

guy that well and that's where you can

tell the guy and use your sub verbals to

practice giving the guy green lights and

telling him you like him remember a lot

of attraction is done non-verbally and

these are the skills that if you want

men to come to you if you want men to

kiss you approach you ask you out that's

when you want to be able to communicate

a lot of these things non-verbally so

give the guy the green lights use your

eye contact check out the how to get a

guy to kiss you video use those green

lights and tell the guy flirting videos

as well how to flirt with a guy that you

like him non-verbally I'll put the links

to all those videos in the description

ok but what about if you do know the guy

that well if you've been hanging out a

lot if you've been good friends perhaps

for a long time and you've started to

develop feelings well this is a trickier

situation because men in this situation

tend to not read green lights very well

they tend to excuse things you do as you

just being friendly and they justify it

to themselves that there's no way you

could be interested so in these

situations you've got to step it up a

bit first step simple make sure that

he's single if you know the guy well you

should already know that fact

step 2 is make your hang out suddenly

and obviously more intimate so if you

usually hang out with

with friends during the day then see if

you can hang out with him one-on-one at

night there's gonna be a change in the

dynamic that he will feel maybe you

usually hang out with him one on one

when you're out so you hang on him hang

out with him one on one when you're at

home use hang out watch a movie you make

it suddenly more intimate so that

there's been an obvious shift in the

dynamic step three is you tell him


but remember often this isn't gonna work

and often the green lights aren't going

to work so sometimes you need to cut

through this step and go straight to

step four which is tell him verbally

tell him verbally that you like him

obviously you gotta wait for the moment

and you've got to know when it's

appropriate based on the two of you

hanging out so wait until you're feeling

vulnerable together wait until you're

feeling a bit connected wait until

obviously you're alone and not going to

be interrupted and that's when you can

tell him you like him verbally okay well

you're probably thinking that's great

mark but how the hell do I actually say

it so that it doesn't come off awkward

well here's a couple of ways to phrase

it that will really help you out you can

say the more time I spend with you the

more I find myself attracted to you

that's number one number two you can say

have you ever thought about me and you

together gauge his response number three

you can be more direct ask him can I say

something and he says sure yep whatever

and you say I think I'm really falling

for you three simple little ways to say

it that aren't awkward and as long as

you're in the right intimate environment

the guy's gonna take it well okay and

step number five is gauge his response

now obviously if he gives you a negative

response to saying one of the things we

just mentioned or if he's not even keen

to hang out in more intimate

environments and manners then you

probably want to dial back and back off

but if his response is positive and

you've known this guy for a long time

what you want to do is shift the dynamic

quite quickly you don't want to say this

thing and then have it just drag on and

you guys keep hanging out in the same

dynamic the reality is the dynamics been

one way for a long time so it needs a

bit of a shock it needs to change or

it's going to fall back into the same

pattern and the guy will convince

himself that you're probably not into it

and that he's probably friend-zoned so

my advice to you would be aimed

for him to kiss you or even for you to

kiss him within one hangout of you

telling him verbally that you like him

that means when you tell him verbally

I'll either see if you guys can kiss

each other that night or the next time

you hang out it's the kiss that's going

to change your dynamic and show the guy

that okay I'm definitely not in the

friend zone

our dynamic has shifted we are now more

than friends well that's it thank you so

much for watching that is how to tell a

guy that you like him I hope you enjoyed

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