Libra Man Likes or Loves You? Tips on How to Tell

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hey what's up y'all it's your boy

brainwaves alright

here's a couple of signs to let you know

that libra man and your life is filling

you and in fact does love you now when

it comes to libra men they are a

cardinal air sign so what this means is

in terms of the cardinal aspect he is an

initiator so you can expect him to

initiate things in your romantic life

with him and in terms of the air aspect

he is all mental so he's going to think

about everything that he does with you

romantically with this being said let's

get right into it to help you determine

if that libra man in your life is

filling you and especially if he loves

you point number one he's going to put

in effort alright so when I refer to all

of these tips I want you to think from

the scale aspect just you know think

about the symbol or whatever this the

animal or whatever that actual

particular sign represents in the case

of Libra it is the scales so what's

gonna happen is in the beginning when

you first start dating this man you're

not gonna know if he's feeling you or if

he's not and since he is an air sign

what happens is he is mentally

processing everything you know do I like

her do I not like her should I get into

a relationship with her should I not get

into a relationship you know what do I

have to stand here to gain what I have

to lose

you know what's the same with her he's

just processing a whole host of thoughts

and ideas and things like that so you

know you'll have to give him a little

time in that area not a lot but just

give him a little time but what's gonna

happen is he'll start to put in work

once he realizes that there's a

potential for something there between

you two

then the scale the weight of the scale

will shift you know in that favor in

terms of being with you and you'll

notice him you know

he'll actually start admitting his

feelings for you he's going to you know

try to take or pursue any opportunities

to see you if he can't see you like that

then you're gonna notice him either

frequently do this or pick up the

frequency of him texting or calling you

or hit you up on social media or

whatever it is again these are air sign

people okay you know libras are all

mental so he's going to be thinking

about you all the time once the weight

has shifted you know towards being with

you so expect him to do these type of

things expect him to be more judge or be

generous be affectionate he's gonna put

effort into any type of relationship

that he has with you whatever level it's

at he's going to put in effort he wants

to make sure that he earns your love and

trust again he's processed that mentally

he's processed the pros and the cons and

and again just think like the scales you

have the pros on one side the cons on

the other side and once he decides to

move forward with you obviously there's

more pros than cons and the weight has

shifted to being pro getting involved

into pro relationship with you pro you

know marriage or what have have you with

you so he's gonna be doing these things

maybe surprises you know trips just

romantic outings just just whatever it

is you'll be

a tale that you have become a priority

okay so just just keep this in mind once

that shift happens you're gonna know all

right so on that note

point number two now he's slowly going

to become emotionally attached to you

okay the reason why I said slowly is

because again this is not an emotional

sign this is a mental sign

so again everything that goes has to be

processed on the pros and the cons scale

so what happens is the reason why the

emotions are slows because it'd be like

you know what she really looks good okay

that's on a pro sign you know you know

what we have great conversation that's

again on the pro side you know we've got

crazy chemistry that's also on the pro

side you know to be things like that

didn't start weighing the scale down but

it has to go kind of tit-for-tat so you

know he does look at the negative things

as well because again he's all mental so

he's looking at the pros and the cons

looking at things logically should I get

into a relationship with her should I

not you know and you know should this go

further or should we just leave it be

you know just all types of things we'll

be processing so that's why the

emotional aspect will be slow okay I

just want to help you all grasp this so

to to a lot of people that don't know

libras well they people think that are

the only reason why he out there is just

because of their social status and how

they look and their appearance yeah that

does have a lot you know of truth in


but when it comes to their relationship

with you he's gonna be more comfortable

being with you okay

you know basically what happens is

because he's trying so hard to hit that

social you know status and you know

outward appearance he has a lot of

concerns and worries okay anyone that's

trying to achieve this will have a lot

of things in their mind so he's if he

like looks at a relationship as a place

of comfort okay he'll let his guard down

and open up and relax with you and

things like that so now I'm not saying

that he's not going to care about how he

looks at all he will but what you're

gonna find is he's not gonna have to

come up to you and only show his face in

a tuxedo okay he'll come in jeans and a

t-shirt is you know what I'm saying you

know he's not gonna like a mess but

saying you know if he normally has like

a lot of facial hair or something like

that it'll be clean but he may not

necessarily shave you know it's like oh

I decided you know I got a little beard

now ain't I'm not like a huge Santa

Claus being honest um he'll have like

facial hair and just little things like

that he won't care as much about his

appearance and and things like that he

does care but it just won't matter as

much being with you will be more

important I'm spending a lot of time on

this point because this is a big one

when it comes to libras okay so point

number three he's going to help you

solve your problems all right again you

got to look at this from the mental

aspect okay he doesn't want you once

he's filling you he doesn't want you to

be stressed out he doesn't want you to

have any issues so he's processing

things in your life how can i retake

this out of her life how can I help her

in this area how can I make things

better so this is just what he's going

to do you know he literally trying to do

anything he can just to make sure that

you're happy okay you gotta know he's

serious about you because you'll see

like wow you're gonna do this just to

make me happy you know you're gonna you

know putting this type of effort it just

basically does not want you to be

annoyed about anything again it's not

from an emotional aspect and this can be

confused it's all from a mental aspect

he's looking at it like

okay I gotta take this out and take the

the thing that's bothering my woman and

let me put it on this side of the scale

why while I you know find something

positive like a solution for example

they can help you out you may not

necessarily do anything but he'll at

least provide solutions to a lot of

things in your life okay so I just want

you to remember that point number four

he's gonna expect you to commit to him

okay by the time you get to this point

y'all will probably already be committed

but just so you know again he's

processing everything mentally okay airs

on here so one thing about air air

energy can bounce from here to there all

over the place so if somebody has air

and air element and they're signed they

can be known as being flirty okay also

kind of up and down I guess flighty and

things like that when especially when it

comes to like relationships and stuff

and emotions so it was air you got to

look at it like this it takes air a

moment for it to settle and calm down

cuz normally airs comes going here here

here here here here that's partly why

you have some of the outward of parents

and the social status things taking

place here is just the way to air moves

but air does stop moving and it does

have peers where it settles okay and

it's calm as stationary so this is how

it happens in terms of the commitment

with you he's gonna expect it okay at

that point in time

this means that basically if he stops

flirting with other females especially

if he was doing that in the beginning

you're in there okay he's only he wants

to be committed to you okay I think they

came there one of the signs if not be

signed it came up with that whole

concept being committed to one person

okay once he does this he is committed

to you okay he only wants to pour all of

his focus on you

and not in any other relationship okay

yes all signs cheat but if he's gotten

to this point that's the last thing he's

thinking about okay again he's a mental

son on an emotional son so he's already

weighed the pros and cons about this and

he's expecting you to do the same all


point number five he's going to reign

his affections upon you all right the

reason why I use the word reign is

because this is an air sign okay

so just think about the clouds think

about when it rains everywhere you go

the rain you know will cover you and

even if you're inside or you could say

in a house in a car you're still

experiencing that rain I'm saying to see

you can get the mental picture of how

affectionate he can be okay when he's

like and he's in love yeah he wants to

get it from his partner too in terms of

their affection but he's just gonna

shower you with just tons of affection

hugging hand-holding candlelight dinners

just walks out on and walks in the park

and appeared just all types of romantic

stuff and just be ready to soak it all

up okay he's gonna like I said fine he's

gifts whatever it can a big gift small

gives any way he can to let you know

that he cares about you you know and

that he any way that he could mentally

show you that he loves you he's going to

do this okay so with this being said I'm

giving you surefire tips to help you

determine if that libra man in your life

is filling you and especially if he

loves you if you have any more questions

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