When You Tell Guys You’re On Your Period

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- I was gonna go to the party, but I'm not feeling well.

I have my period.

- Whaaa....

(cheerful instrumental music)

- I'm on my period.

- Woah, okay.

Good for you.

- (gasps)


- Okay.

- Cool, cool.

- [Woman] Yeah. - Yeah, yeah.

Nice little things, healthy, um,

clean, clean.

- That's interesting, that's, uh,

my sister has, has, has that, sometimes.

- I have a mom.

I totally understand.

- Can I, can I get you anything, do you...

A water?

- Is there, should I call...

a person, or...

- Can I get you a...

t- pa- pent-

- Clean, clean.

Flushes out...


- I'm sorry I keep looking down there, I don't...

I don't wanna do that, your face is there.

- Got a guy to call, tell him the news?

He's probably happy too.

I'd be happy.

I'm just talking now, I don't know what to say.

- Well, you know, hang in there.

- It'll be fine, I'm sure.

You, you'll be good.

- I'm here for you.

Uh, so...


Reach out?

- I just wanna make sure you're comfortable.

- [Woman] I'm good.

- Okay.

- (indistinct grumble) Uh, you know, fertile.

Fertile works.

Uh, fertile.

- I just uh, (indistinct stammering)

how do I get out of this situation?

Can I roll out?

I'm just gonna, gonna roll out,

gonna roll out, oh shit!