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hey guys what's up it's Josh so for

today's video as you guys can see by the

title I wanted to do something a little

bit different so the other day I went

through a bunch of the comments on some

of my videos and check out some of the

most frequently asked questions so in

today's video instead of like making a

video dedicated to one topic I wanted to

do like five different questions that

you guys have and answer them the best

that I can in a short amount of time to

help you guys out also if you guys

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today's video here are some of the most

popular questions you guys asked me in

the comments of my videos so I feel like

a lot of these questions that I'm about

to answer our ones that I wanted to

answer for a really long time because I

always see them in the comments so the

first question that I kept seeing on the

comments was how do I tell if a guy

likes me over snapchat so the way that I

feel like you can tell if somebody's

interested in you and somebody likes you

on snapchat is based on how often

they're sending you snaps and how often

it is that they're the first ones to be

starting the conversation I feel like

when you like somebody and you're trying

to like get that person's attention one

of the things that you do is you're

always trying to communicate with them

are always trying to be where they are

and so if you notice that on snapchat

he's always sending you stuff he's

always replying to you right away he's

always like just ready to go anytime

something happens between you and him

just though like the way that he

responds and how fast he responds it's

definitely something that can show you

if he's interested in you alright so the

next question is kind of interesting

because I feel like I don't even know if

I've done a video on this before but one

of the questions was what do I do if a

player is falling for me so I feel like

this might be more of a common thing

that maybe I just wasn't thinking about

but I feel like if you are going into a

situation where you know that a guy is a

huge player and he's playing a bunch of

girls but at the same time he's like

coming on to you and he's trying to get

you to be interested in him so one thing

that I think first off is like important

is to realize that he has a bunch of

other people that he's either interested

in or talking to so to be friends with

him at first is probably the best thing

that you can do the reason that I think

that you need to become friends first is

because even if you do have a huge crush

on that guy one thing that you're not

really gonna be able to tell is his real

feelings for you so try to feel out the

situation first and like become friends

with them and like hang out with them

more and see what he's actually like and

then after you do that I feel like if

you can make like a good judgment call

and realize that he is a good person

then you could like go for him or tell

him how you feel it whatever but if you

notice that he's just not that good of a

guy then

kind of just leave it in the past

alright so the next one I was actually

really surprised to see this in the

comments but it said what do I do with

teenage boys at first I was kind of

confused but I think that I've got what

the gist of like the question is and if

you are hanging out with a bunch of

teenage boys it's gonna be a lot

different than hanging out with people

that are older so if you are a girl and

you're hanging out with a bunch of

teenage boys one thing that I think you

need to realize is that guys don't

mature as fast as girls this is

important because if you're hanging out

with a bunch of teenage guys and you

realize that like they're being super

immature they're doing things that you

would never do I think that sometimes

it's just like they haven't gotten to

that point yet where they realize

sometimes like what's right and what's


sometimes it can be really hurtful to

your feelings because guys don't like

mature emotionally until like later on

and so if you're hanging out with a

bunch of teenage boys and you start to

feel hurt because they're doing

something definitely speak up for

yourself and like try to be that bigger

person and tell them what you feel

because if they doing stuff and you

really don't agree with it I don't think

that it's a good idea to hold that in

like you need to actually talk to

somebody and just you need to like be

the mature one and tell them what's

going on so keep that in mind alright so

moving on to the next one which is how

do I tell the guy that I like that I

like him I feel like this is a very

classic question but it's a very good

question because it's something that's

happening all the time and it's a

situation that you're most likely gonna

be in at some point pretty soon if

you're not already in a relationship so

like if I was to break it down into a

very condensed way to tell you guys how

to actually tell somebody that you like

them the first thing that I would tell

you is that the place and the time

really matter because I feel like

there's a good time and there's a bad

time to tell somebody that you like them

and if you could find like the right

time to actually do that that's the

first thing that's really gonna help you

up if you're hanging out with a bunch of

friends or you're like with your family

or something's going on and it's not

really like a situation where you guys

are able to like really be attentive to

each other and like talk to each other

that's probably not a good time to then

like open up and tell that person how

you're feeling in all of this because

you want that person to actually be

listening and focused on what you're

saying another thing that I would also

say about telling

that you like them is that you need to

like realize that if they don't have the

same feelings for you not to take it

personally like sometimes it's because

they're not in that same position as you

where they have like the same things

going on or they feel the same way but

that doesn't mean that over time like if

you keep hanging out with them that

their minds gonna switch so I think that

if they do like you then you guys should

go out and celebrate and do something

but if they don't don't take it too hard

on yourself and just realize that you

need to hang out with the more you need

to like experience more and if you

really feel like the relationship was

gonna work out then you just have to

work towards that so that's my version

and cadenza way of like telling somebody

how you feel about them all right so the

next one I thought this was really

interesting because it's kind of

something that applies to all of us

everyday if we're talking to somebody

and that is how do you keep a

conversation going with the guy that you

like so just to keep a conversation

going in general I think there's some

things that you can do I broke it down

into two different things that you guys

can think about next time you're talking

to somebody so the first one is try to

ask open-ended questions if you're

asking a bunch of questions that just

have a yes or no answer that doesn't

open up the opportunity for that person

to actually be talking about something

or like expressing the way that they

feel about something and those are the

moments where like when somebody is able

to talk about how they feel about

something that's when you can like then

create questions and like talk about

things based on what their responses and

then yeah and then that gives you the

opportunity to never be in that

situation where you're like oh my god I

don't know what to talk about like I'm

so boring like I never know what to

think of you get in those situations

where you just think you're the worst

because you don't know what to talk

about but if you play it the right way

and like maybe you have some questions

that you already want to ask them and

then when they start talking you ask

them more questions that's a really good

way to in order to get the conversation

to like continue and keep going into

progress so those are five different

questions but I always see the comments

of my videos that I wanted to answer for

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bunch so I hope you guys have an awesome

rest of your day I was just told today

that today is the first day of summer so

I'm super pumped

I love somewhere I hope to see you guys

next Saturday but I thought that being

said I love you guys so much and I'll

see you in the next video