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hey guys what's up it's Josh so for

today's video as you guys can see by the

title I wanted to talk about five

different ways you can text the guy that

you like and tell them that you like him

I think that one of the most common ways

of actually showing somebody or telling

somebody that you like them nowadays is

actually over text but sometimes I think

that it can be hard to like actually

figure out when of the right times to

text them and what to text them and

today's video I wanted to do like a

little bit differently and kind of base

it around like a scenario so if you guys

enjoyed today's video give it a thumbs

up all that being said here are five

different ways to text the guy that you

like and tell them that you like them

alright so the first time that I came up

with and I think that this is gonna be

more of like going through a scenario

more than just like giving you guys

points because I feel like this scenario

a lot of you guys gonna be able to

relate to so the first way that I think

you can like actually get the

conversation going in that direction of

telling them that you like them is the

text of and ask him which is his

favorite coffee shop or where does he

usually go to get coffee but if you

don't text this person all the time this

is a great way in order to get onto

their phone and into their text just by

asking them a simple question so once

you're in there and you've asked them

that question kind of text back and

forth for a little bit but don't go too

far kind of just leave it at that

so the second thing that you need to do

is after you actually find out which is

his favorite coffee shop or where he

goes go to that coffee shop and get a

coffee or get a hot chocolate or get

something that you like the reason that

I think that you need to do this is

because after you actually go there and

experience it the next text that you're

actually gonna send in like that day or

a couple days later is telling him what

you thought of that place this usually

works out a little bit better if the

place that you go to you actually like

but regardless like whether you liked it

or not you can send them a text like a

couple days later and just tell them

what you thought of the place what you

thought of the drinks like if you've

never been there before kind of spark up

a conversation and talk to him about it

he's gonna start like piecing things

together in his head and he's gonna

start realizing that you're listening to

what he's saying


see guys kind of see that like this is

going in order yeah

but the third point that I came up with

is once it's like a couple days later

send him another text and ask him which

is the drink that he usually gets from

that coffee shop the reason that you

need to do this is because now you're

making it really personal to the point

where like you're wanting to try things

that he's interested in so even if he

sends you a text and he tells you that

like he gets a drink that you don't

really like or one that you've never

tried before what you can do is go in

there and actually get that drink or

whatever it is and take a picture of it

this makes for like more material that

you would be able to like send him as a

text but it's also a good way in order

to like show somebody that you're

willing to try new things and you're out

there trying to just experience stuff

that you've never done before

so yeah try to get something that he

gets so that you can take a picture of

it and then yeah don't just keep the

picture you have to send it to him so

after you've done this however long it's

taken maybe like a week or whatever it

is I think that the last thing you need

to do is actually text them and set up a

time to go there together now you might

not want to word it as like you guys

going on a date maybe it's just like you

want to go and like do homework or go

and hang out and do something like that

I think that that's kind of a way that

you can indirectly tell them that you

like them and you want to hang out with

them flying off of that little inside

thing that you guys have now of like him

telling you about the coffee shop or

something so I don't really know like if

this even makes sense or not but I think

that little scenarios like this can kind

of help in a way of just being able to

text that person and tell them how you

feel and you don't have to just like

outright just tell them hey I like you

you can kind of go around it and do

little things like this where you're not

directly telling them you're just like

wanting to set up a time to hang out

with them and it makes it a little bit

easier if you do have a little bit of

like an inside story or like an inside

joke with that person yeah those are the

five different things kind of like in

order that I think you could try and if

you guys do do it let me know in the

comments or if you've ever been to a

coffee shop with your crush let us know

how it went down below also I've been

reading the comments on my previous

video about the hairstyles that

love on girls and it turns out that I

think it's really hard to make a messy

bun okay I don't really know I just saw

all the comments but whatever you think

go let me know on that other video but I

think that I'm gonna do a part two of

that as well because you guys loved it

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