How To Let Him Know You Think He's Hot

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Matthew has he here with love life we

have another question coming in today

this one's a written question from

Kathleen I volunteer with a guy and I

like him and want to get to know him

better what should I do to take the next

step ok so you volunteer with this guy

what did you say did you say you speak

to him oh you so you do speak to him you

just want to get to know him better what

you're going to do next so look I'm just

going to I'm just going to give you

something to go and say to him we're

going to keep this nice and simple

you're going to go and say this to him

and it's going to do two things it's

going to get you talking to him and

actually engaging properly and getting

to know him but it's also going to

create a little spark by showing him

that you're a little bit attracted in a

really easy way so the way that you're

going to do this first you're going to

say well you next see him say we don't

we really don't know each other that

well do we I feel like we need to know

more about each other and allow that to

begin the conversation okay but you can

say something else after that you can

say I'm I'm Kate let's start why don't

we just start again me and you were

going to start again all right I'm Kate

and then you start that way Co so he's

going to say I'm Adam and then you're

going to have a conversation but you can

say somewhere in that you can say you

know it's like I keep seeing this cute

guy over there and I realize I know

nothing about you and then keep talking

the nice thing about this is firstly

you're not saying I keep seeing this hot

guy over there which is a little more

forward you're saying I keep seeing this

cute guy over there I realize I know

nothing about you I feel like every guy

wishes that more women would just say

that when they think they're hot because

if every woman that thought you were hot

just said I I saw you over there you

look cute I realized I know nothing

about you that would at least make us

feel like oh we can talk to this person

and they do think that that we're

attractive and this could go somewhere

okay that's it I told you this in a

previous episode men live for the maybe

they live for the maybe so this is a

little maybe moment okay so that's all

you're going to do we don't know each

other very well do it I'm Kate and I

keep thinking there's this what hens

it's cute guy over there I know nothing

about and let him carry on from there

he now has it firmly in his mind that

you think he's cute

he now has every incentive to pursue you

and you really didn't do very much at

all so that's it I hope speak to you

soon this is Matthew Hussey from love

life go follow me on Facebook forward slash Matthew

Hussey and I look forward to speaking to

you in the next episode