30 Hot Texts That Will Turn Him On and Leave Him Obscenely Horny

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if you just started dating a guy or in

that fun flirty stage he'll even if

you've been dating for years and want to

give your sex life a boost a sexy text

can be a great way to turn him on and

build up the tension then when you next

see one another you want to tear each

others clothes off there and then if you

need some ideas for texts that will turn

him on we have 30 hot ideas for you

people have used sexy texts as a way to

ramp up flirting ever since mobile

phones had texting they certainly add

some excitement into your sex life sexy

texts bring you closer together

heightened sexual energy and even add a

different more intense intimacy to your

relationship than you ever felt before

if you get sexy texting right you can

really learn how to drive your man wild

with sexual desire we understand if

you've never done it before it might

feel a little daunting if you are not

sure how your man will respond or feel a

bit silly then don't worry help us at


learn the different techniques you might

want to try as well as some examples of

sexy texts to copy right off the page

and send to your man straight away so

whether it's the love of your life or

just some hunky guy you recently swapped

digits with here are 30 texts that will

turn him on 1 start off slow there is no

need to rush in with the dirtiest thing

you have ever thought of right away if

you aren't 100% sure how he'll respond

then take it slow start off with

something cute and flirty a compliment

or tell him you are thinking about him

you have all the time in the world to

build up to the more sexual stuff so

better to do it this way then go in too

deep and scare him off to paint a

picture get creative and use your

imagination to paint a picture of how

you feel in all the things you want to

do with him describe sensations what

you're wearing how hot it's going to be

later appeal to his senses to get him

seriously turned on 3 build it up as the

text messages go back and forth build up

the tension get sexier and more explicit

with each text message you send

this way you build up the sexual tension

until he finds it almost unbearable and

wants to come over right away for learn

what his responses mean judge the mood

if he's taking a while to reply or he's

not really acknowledging what you say

then it might be he's just not in the

right frame of mind and that's okay he

might be busy or stressed about

something don't take it as a rejection

and don't push it just let him be and

try again another time five make him beg

for it really tease him with your text

messages get him totally horny and make

him beg you to tell him what you're

wearing or what you are doing to

yourself the intensity makes him wild

with desire six add some visuals in this

day and age you don't just have to use

your words when it comes to getting sexy

over the phone if you're comfortable

with it why not add in a few sexy

pictures here and there to really get

him going seven time it right if you

start a sexy conversation first thing in

the morning on a Monday when you know he

has back-to-back business meetings it

might not be the best time you also

might find it hard keeping up a sexy

text conversation all day so start it an

hour or so before you see him that way

you keep the momentum going and get down

to it as soon as you set eyes on one

another eight don't over promise and

under deliver if you start a sex

conversation and use a few texts that

will turn him on to get him in the mood

don't suddenly get distracted by doing

your laundry and leave him hanging

also if you've talked about all the sexy

stuff you are going to do to him and he

comes home to find you eating Cheerios

from the packet in sweats he might be a

little disappointed so if you're not in

the mood maybe leave the sexy texting

for another day now you have the grips

with the timing and techniques for sexy

texting here are some examples of the

hottest texts that will turn him on and

how you can start a sexy text

conversation with your man 9 I had a

dream about you last night you weren't

wearing many clothes

ten licking a popsicle and thinking of

you it's delicious

eleven you me naked now twelve tell me

exactly what you are going to do to me

later I want all the details thirteen

getting so wet thinking of you right now

fourteen can't stop thinking about what

we did last night it's making me want to

do it all over again

fifteen tell me your fantasy it might

just come true later sixteen lying in

bed and wishing you were here seventeen

I've been very naughty today how are you

going to punish me eighteen I feel like

something is missing in my life oh

that's right it's you naked on top of me

19 I just got out of the shower and

can't seem to find my towel wanna come

over twenty touching myself and thinking

of you 21

tell me the dirtiest thought you've ever

had about me if you tell me yours I'll

tell you mine 22 just wanted to let you

know how hot you are seriously I mean

just thinking about you turns me on 23

come over for dinner later

bring whipped cream for dessert 24 I

want you so badly right now 25 can't

stop thinking about kissing you

everywhere 26 the things I would do to

you if you were here right now 27 you

know that crazy thing we said we'd do

one day I think tonight might be the

night 28 you'll never guess what I'm

wearing 29 can't do any work because I'm

thinking of your naked body on top of my

naked body it's very distracting 30 I'm

going to do some really filthy things to

you when you get home from work be ready

so there you have it if you are thinking

of sending sexy messages to your man now

you know how to do it

if in doubt start slow and keep things

fun and flirty to see how he responds if

you know he'll love the dirty stuff then

just start in right away with that

sending sexy messages is all about being

flirty and giving your sex life a hot

boost just remember these texts that

we'll turn him on and simply see where

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