14 Things Girls LOVE Hearing - Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

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there are so many videos talking about things girls like to hear from men but

almost none of them talks about the reasons behind them for example do girls

like hearing nice things yes and no yes because women love to hear nice things

being said to them just like you'd like it when someone says something nice to

you and no because no one likes hearing things that are said in an insincere

manner that's an important factor right there

the things girls like to hear from men are words that you truly mean when you

say them so that's it no other things to consider well if it were you wouldn't

need to keep watching but the thing is even with a good understanding of human

psychology men still find it challenging to find things girls like to hear from

men because last thing a guy wants is to come off as patronizing fake or acting

like a player add to this the fact that choice of words and contexts are all

part of communication then you see how trying to convey what you want to say

might be perceived in a negative light to the person that you're trying to talk

to so here's the hard truth there is no real guarantee formula or list that will

give you a 100% success rate and trying to come up with a list of things that

girls like to hear from men why because a common mistake that lists on the same

topic hab is that they tend to over generalize the reason why there are

words or things groans like to hear from men that actually work and why there are

those that do nothing is largely because the difference in how men and women put

a psychological meaning towards an actions that's it and this varies from

one individual to the next so you have to realize that you will need to

understand why some words are welcome while others can be offending and even

seem insincere you have to understand how a girl things and try to hear things

from her perspective to find out what makes her feel special loved and

appreciated so you think you can do that well here's 14 things girls like to hear

from men with additional insight as to why they might work number one saying a

positive comment about something she worked hard for women prefer certain

compliments over others and one of the things girls love to hear from men is a

compliment of how good they are at something that they've really put effort

in this can be as basic of wow that book report was too awesome or as

personalized you must be perfecting your cupcake baking skills because these

cupcakes are just super delicious I know it's really cheesy but it works

number two is expressing an interest on the activity or hobby that she loves

saying something like can you teach me how to do that that looks so interesting

is sure to get a girl's attention and even make her swoon if she's into you

because it is human nature to be drawn to people who express interest on the

same things that someone else likes this is called the similarity attraction

effect and I talk about it in detail with other psychological attraction

hacks and my course titled psychology of attraction

you can check it out in the description if you really want to learn more

number three is pointing a specific detail about what you like in her looks

so don't just tell her her prettier that she's attractive tell her you like how

the green and her eyes turns golden when she laughs or something to that effect

not only the saying something like this let her know how attentive you are but

it also tells her that you're into her number four is giving her beauty

complements when she doesn't have makeup on or haven't done her hair yet or

something like that women already expect to be told that they're pretty or look

right when they dress up Shirdi knows that she looks good but they often don't

expect you to find them truly beautiful when they haven't combed their hair yet

or haven't done anything special to enhance their looks one of the things

girls love to hear from men is to be reassured that they're pretty and

attractive when they're sporting their most unflattering look wouldn't you feel

great to be told you're ruggedly handsome on days you simply forgot to

shave number five is saying that she did a great job there are so many ways to

reap the benefits of showing appreciation that goes beyond romantic

gestures did your girl recently get a promotion did she beat you at bowling

golf Scrabble or whatever game you guys were playing does she have her eyebrows

on fleek is this steak she made for dinner that night particularly tasty or

maybe she was right about something no matter how big or small the achievements

are it's going to be a lot sweeter when she hears that you acknowledged them

because she values what you think of her number six is telling her something you

like about her mannerisms or maybe quirks

do you love the way she tilts her head to the side when she laughs you find it

really amusing when she sings rock and roll off him your nails do you think

it's really cute how she always eats her Immonen by the colors if you find

something unique about her and you like it tell her this has something to do

with the novelty effect appreciation of quirks and unique personality traits are

definitely some of the things that girls like to hear from men because it means

you truly love them for their real selves number seven is letting her know

that she makes you happy excited or maybe even feel special telling someone

that you appreciate them can have a huge effect on how they feel and will feel

towards you if your girl makes you feel happy

excited about life in the future and that each day with her is special

because she makes you feel special tell her and watch her bloom number eight is

saying that you enjoy time spent with her time is very valuable these days and

often times people don't get to spend as much quality time they want with people

who are special to them even though they want to letting her know that you enjoy

time spent together will encourage her to spend more time with you and feel

more secure about your bond with her number

ix is volunteering to do something that she likes without her asking women find

men who do things that they like without asking sexy according to one study by

volunteering to do things for her when she can't do them herself or by simply

opening doors for her even though she could do that herself

you're telling her that you're there for her and that's incredibly attractive to

most girls yes some of the things girls like to hear from men are communicated

through actions not words if you're interested in learning how to read your

partner I have a video in psychology of Attraction explaining the five love

languages and how you can have her head over heels for you once you understand

them number ten is thanking her for something that she did for you that's it

a simple thank-you made it on this list of 14 things girls like to hear from men

because sometimes all the effort you need to show is to acknowledge her or

her actions number eleven is telling her about the positive effects that she has

on you did she influence you to finally start eating veggies besides those found

on pizza you find yourself wanting to be a better person for her every positive

effect no matter whether it's big or small it counts not everyone can be the

Helen of Troy and launched a thousand ships but every girl deserves to feel

good when they've done something that made someone else lives better tell her

it's called positive reinforcement and she'll do it more often in the future

number twelve is giving her a positive command on her smarts so to say do you

know that one study showed that 84% of women preferred to be called smart as

opposed to beautiful intelligence is not a typical trait that men value in women

I'm just being honest here but women love being complimented about it why

when you hear comments about your looks nearly every day a comment about your

sense of humor or your brain really reaffirms that you've got more than a

set of ovaries and a uterus with boobs not trying to sound crass here but give

it a thought it's a basic principle of supply and demand with scarcity if a

woman told she's beautiful every day she knows it but maybe what she really is is

craving to be told that she's smart number thirteen is telling her she's

beautiful and meaning it's given the previous paragraph one of the things

girls like to hear from men is still to be told that they're beautiful but not

just focusing on physical beauty tell her she's beautiful in her entirety her

voice her laugh her compassionate heart for avocado obsession her hatred for

spiders everything wouldn't you love to be told that you're a beautiful person -

the key word here is to be perceived as a beautiful person and number 14 the

last one on our list for today is letting her know that you want her to

hear what she has to say so listen to her and

hear what she's saying reassure her that her thoughts ideas comments and yes even

arguments are welcome tell her that you want to know what she thinks girls like

to hear and get ready to take notes listening to her will boost her

self-esteem and strengthen your bond don't be surprised if she starts

mirroring your words or actions you'll surely love being the center of all

these tips for things girls like to hear from men if she were to use them to you

after all understanding the emotional and bonding needs of the opposite sex is

a big deal in the psychology of attraction one more thing remember that

course I've talked about earlier in this video that's called the psychology of

attraction and it's your guide to how a girl thinks what she finds irresistible

attractive and how to use psychology to make her want you marketing headline

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