She Says I'm "Cute"! This Is How You RESPOND!

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a girl calls me cute how do I respond hi

everyone I am Apollonia one Thea I am

your dating and relationship coach

founder of Apollonian

and I've talked to so many of you men

and it's like nails on a chalkboard

when it comes to a girl calling you cute

right it's like the worst thing ever you

want to be called sexy you want to be

called handsome you want to be called

good-looking but when a girl calls you


you're just taken back so I'm gonna give

you the one thing that you need to say

when a girl calls you cute and how you

should respond to this and first I'm

gonna tell you why typically when a girl

calls you cute it's possibly her passive

way of flirting with you but also to I

want you to understand that if she calls

you cute she might see you in another

way more of a friend way but also too if

she interacts with you she flirts with

you and she is very personable with you

and tends to initiate as well it could

be maybe at a workplace or it could be

out with friends or it can be in a

social environment when she says it's

cute you're cute too a woman typically

that's engaging with you this is her way

of flirting with you I've been guilty of

saying this from time to time back in my

single days I'll be honest but the way

that you respond in confidence to kind

of lead the direction and take away some

and just basically be unapologetically

honest really is what I'm trying to say

and take away more from her than you

giving about oh I hate when women call

me cute instead own it the one thing

that I want you to say when a woman

calls you cute is this cute isn't what's

gonna get my attention but may be

handsome well once you call me handsome

then I'll probably pay attention and

listen to what you have to say she's

going to be shocked when you say this

but also she's going to laugh and it'll

give you something to laugh about as

well you'll want to kind of say this in

a smirky response with a smile on your

face because one thing that you're doing

is you're leading and telling the woman

you don't really like being called cute

but you're also coming from an inner

confidence and being direct on i'll pay

attention if you call me him

so you're basically engaging you're

flirting you're being unapologetically

honest and this is something that women

are attracted to when a man stands the

ground of who he is if you liked today's

video and that one response please tell

me below in the comments and if you have

any questions or other good ideas of how

to respond to a woman that calls you

cute put them in the comment section

below as always I'll see you again in

the next video remember you are always

loved bye for now