10 Different Ways To Wish ‘Good Morning’ |👌 Learn Better English Phrases For Greetings In English

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hi everybody welcome back to let's talk

and you are with me

in this beautiful morning meera

guys i just woke up a while ago you know


my cup of tea in the morning and had my


so guys the things that make your

morning really blissful

right and that is how you should start

your day

fresh wide awake energetic and just

happy to be here in the moment in the

present but guys

whenever you get this morning wish from


maybe your parents maybe your uh you

know your spouse

or your children or when you wish


there is something about that wish that

just makes your day

right well today i thought

since i'm having such a beautiful

morning right here

why don't i tell you few phrases that

you can use to wish

someone good morning in different ways

to make their day better are you excited

about it

well i have some interesting phrases for


well let's get started


well guys let me start with this one

good morning sleeping beauty

well of course you text people or you

call someone in the morning

we all have these habits right we all

have someone in our lives that we

just open our eyes and want to text good

morning to

or want to pick up a phone and say good

morning to or maybe you have your kids

in the house running around or someone

in the house

whom you would like to go and wake up in

a cute pretty way

well sleeping beauty listening to this

term in the morning can just make

anyone's day

particularly those kids in the house

those children in the house

who would really feel um you know that

you they

are your dearest right now here's

another one

hey sunshine it's morning time

let's make this day awesome

well now you're adding words like


and awesome and there's so much


in just those words isn't it so when you

call people

sunshine they know that you know they're

important or they know that they're


beautiful and then you're telling them

it's morning time

so wake up and let them let's make this

day awesome

maybe meet for some breakfast or go for

some brunch

and i'm sure that there will be some

energy and some positivity coming out of

those people

towards your way very soon and you can


a nice message in return as well how

about this one

wakey wakey eggs and bakey

well guys this could be for your partner

at home or for

anyone when you prepare them a nice

morning breakfast in bed and just wake

them up

to a surprise of a breakfast now

obviously there are different types of

breakfast that we make but usually

when you make your partner some with

some eggs and with some

bread and then you can just surprise

them with that tray

and just pat them on their forehead and


wakey wakey eggs and baking and they

would wake up

to a nice pleasant surprise of a nice

breakfast in bed dewdrops you know that

make you feel fresh

now i think our wishes also should make

someone feel

fresh for the morning right so how about

this one

hey good morning dewdrops

basically you're just making them feel

that wake up to

a fresh morning or just there's

something so nice and something that is

so refreshing

to feel or to smell or to be around in

the morning

dew drops those little drops that are

there on the leaves

aren't they fresh and don't they feel


guys i think we all have some crazy

friends in our lives you know we have

some really

um energetic people in our lives and

we're so close to them that we can make


that we make their mornings cozy and

warm by just giving them a hug

now maybe they're not at your place

maybe you're not sharing a room or a


maybe they're a little far away and you

just need to send them a text message

so here's one for the same hey

a morning hug coming your way

so you can probably add a lot of a's and


in the word way just to make it a little

more crazy and a little more casual

and informal now this particular one

is pretty you know pretty different from

the others

it goes morning good looking well you

heard me right

let me say it again morning good looking

well guys you must be wondering where is

the g

in both of the pronunciations well this


is a little casual and a little too


where you just have incomplete

pronunciations just making it

sound fun well guys i'm sure you must


listened to a lot of my videos where i

always talk about

using different languages to express


well here's the one with just the same


hola how did you sleep last night

well the question is simple right but

the ola just is a hello in another


making it sound different right and when

you ask

someone how did you sleep last night it

just makes them

feel special right they will share how

they slept and maybe

that's how they start their day by just

sharing their thoughts

and who wouldn't like that now here's

another one

hey morning it's miracle monday

so try to be creative whenever you try

to wish

someone good morning now you have all

the seven days in the week

right you can try to put some creative

words which

rhyme or which you know which make the


sound different just like this one a

miracle monday

will make them feel that okay i will

probably not have

my monday blues today well usually

people feel a little low that the sunday

has passed by and it's monday

it's time to get starting get working

and then here comes a message with

it's a miracle monday how about a


hey sweetie have a terrific tuesday

now when you're far away from your

friends and family and you want to make


that they're having a great day well you

can use this one

for a tuesday just like the way you were

a little creative on a monday

now here's another one hey sleepy eyes

it's time to rise and shine i think it's

pretty cute to wish your little ones

or your loved ones with you know sleepy

eyes and particularly when

someone just wakes up you know that

they're still not awake

but when you tell them to rise and shine

they might get inspired or motivated

or just very happy to wake up instead of

staying droopy and just taking a lot of

time to wake up

they will just get going and start their

day with a happy note or on a happy note

well then you can just end your message

or your good morning with

adding something like sending you lots

of love

right it can just complete the message

and make it

sound much more happy much more positive

well after listening to so many good

morning wishes

which one are you going to pick up today

or tomorrow

whenever let me know in the comments

section because i would love to know

which one would you like to choose maybe

you can get creative and innovative

and put down the ones that you think are

new for us

all right guys that's all for today i

will be get

okay guys that's all for the day i will

now start my day

fresh and happy and positive on such

positive notes

well guys i will see you soon in another

video until then

just make sure you're smiling alright