How To Check Car Fuses-How To Tell If They're Blown

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hey everybody I'm here today to show you

how to check car fuses so the first

thing that you have to do is locate the

fuses now there will likely be two fuse

boxes on your car one of them will be in

the engine compartment and mine is right

here there are some larger fuses some

relays and some smaller fuses and then

the other fuses will likely be

underneath your dashboard where your

steering wheel is so I'm just going to

try and get low over here to show you

the fuse box underneath the steering

wheel you can see right over there that

there are a whole bunch of fuses and

that that is the fuse box that is

underneath the the dashboard where the

steering wheel is now when you want to

check the specific fuse you will pull

the fuse out of its holder now to do

that you can use a special tool like

this that's called a fuse puller or you

can simply use a pair of pliers or there

are some fuses that you can even remove

with your hand with your fingers so

basically you have to remove the fuse in

one way or another now I have already

taken the liberty of using this pair of

using this tool this fuse puller to

remove one of the fuses and I will show

you how to check whether or not the fuse

has blown so um like I said before I

already removed one of the fuses and I

did it before I started filming just to

save some time and it's really hard for

me to get the camera under there and

also pull it out but this is what a

blown fuse looks like you can see the on

the inside of that blue portion right

there that there is a silver piece and

that silver piece has been disconnected

so looks like there are two silver

pieces now I will show you what a fuse

looks like that has not been blown and I

will also show you the process of

removing the fuse with the fuse puller


you can see I have the fuse puller here

and this is basically what I did

underneath the dashboard now these are

some spare fuses that come with the car

come with the car just in case you have

a blown fuse you can use one of these

spare ones so basically I just put this

fuse puller around the fuse then I

squeeze it and pull it out just like

that and the fuse comes out really

easily so that's what I did underneath

the dashboard and this is what a fuse

that has not been blown looks like you

can see that that piece on the inner

portion there where the blue is it is

completely connected that metal piece is

completely connected and once again this

is what a blown fuse looks like you can

see that that piece is not connected and

I don't know if the camera shows but it

is completely separated so the metal

piece on the inside if it is connected

then the fuse is is probably good it is

probably not blown if the piece on the

inside the metal piece on the inside it

has been disconnected just like that

then the fuse has likely been blown and

that's basically it that is how you

check car fuses and that's all I have

for you today

thanks for watching