What's my Toad's Gender? (Sexing Toads) | NCNN

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hey I'm Alex green and in today's video

I'm going to be showing you how to sex

your toes and so this basically just

means how you find out the gender or

whether you're toad is male or female

so right here I have three toads these

two are American toads this is a

Fowler's toad and this one is a male and

these sort of female so there's a few

ways you can check some ways you can

know for sure there's not exactly but

the way you can know for sure let's take

our two females so you can pick them up

like kind of right behind the head just

a little and they don't make any noise

however if you take this tude you can

hear that chirping and the reason they

chirp like the reason they're females

vulture is this is so that the male's

can attract females and then the females

are attracted to the chirping so the

females don't need to chirp

but he was tripping when I picked him up

because he thought that I might be

another male toad trying to mount him

like a Melwood to a female and he was

telling that other male that he's also a

male so that's their way of kind of

telling each other's genders so if you

can't get it to chirp it might be a

female but the way to know for sure is

if the dust are chirping it's definitely

a male so there's some other ways to

tell also like on the bottom

the female just lick the male in the

face what are you doing all right so if

you look at the bottom of them and you

look kind of under in the chin area

married you will notice that I can show

you a better view but the bottom of the

females head is the same color as her

stomach and the rest of her underside

and it's usually probably gonna be a

tannish depending on the species but the

male if you look at his it's a bluish

grayish on the bottom and that means

that he's male and that's a pretty sure

way to tell and it might get a little

discolored let's look at the Fowler's

and she also has no blue or grey

coloring so I can get down like this so

those are the ways that I usually used

to tell but there's other ways that you

can't use for sure but I can share them

anyway like you can see that these

females where are you going well first

of all the male is a lot smaller

compared to the females and he's about

half the weight and the females are much

larger that's normal like how different

animals one gender tends to be larger

than the other not always but in

different reptiles amphibians like

signing my ball python he's a male and

the females also get larger so he'd be a

bit smaller

I don't know what why she's doing that

so yeah those are the best days you can

tell this was just a short video on how

you can sex them and yet like I said the

males will have the underside below the

neck will be bluish with the greyish

probably bluish their mouths are smaller

and the males chirp the females do not

have that coloring if you most tend to

be larger and the females do not trigger

so that's it for this video I'm Alex

Green and thanks for watching