Male or Female? How to Tell the Sex of a Kitten!

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Good morning!



Hi everyone!

This week I rescued a litter of five kittens

from Philadelphia.

This crew is a mix of boys and girls

so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity

to teach you how to tell if the kitten is male or female.



First I'll teach you some tricks

for telling what sex the kitten is,

then I'll quiz you to see how you do

and finally I'll introduce you

to all five of the new babies.

Good job!

So for a female kitten

you're going to lift the tail

and see that the genitals are really close to the butt.

Female genitals are going to look like a line

or like a teardrop.

So if you look and think

"That's look like a line"

you've probabily got a female.

For a male kitten

if you lift the tail and take a peek

you'll see that the genitals

are not right next to the butt like on the female,

they're actually a little further away.

That's because this whole furry area

between the genitals and the butt

are where the testicles will be

that is until they are neutered.

The male genitals are going to look like a circle

or like a mound of fur

often with a darker, not furry center point.

If you look and think

"That looks like a circle"

you've probabily got a male.

So that's the easiest way to know.

Line close to the butt: female.

Circle farther from the butt: male.

Sometimes this is a little harder to do

when the kitten is a newborn,

because they haven't reached sexual maturity

and their parts are still really small.

So one trick you can do with kittens 3 weeks and under

is watch the way they pee when they're stmulated.

When you're caring for an orphan kitten

you have to stimulate them to go to the bathroom

using an absorbing tissue.

There's a noticeable difference in how males and females pee.

When females are stimulated

their pee will generally come out and pour directly around the body

it doesn't have a very strong stream and it sort of just flows out.

See, it's kind of like going down on the side of her body

It's not a super strong stream

it just kind pours out of the body.

You got a lot of pee!

Good job!

Males on the other hand BEWARE!

They have a serious stream

and if you remove the tissue while they're peeing

it's going to look like a water fountain.

Okay here we go.

So this is what it looks like when a boy pees.


Did you see that?


this is why is important to use the tissue over them all time.

He's doing a great job showing this.

Woooh! Oh my god!

In 3D!

Wooo ooh!

So that's just one more way to confirm the sex of a kitten

if they're a neonate and you're having a hard time telling.

Okay, let's do a quiz.

What do you think?

If you guessed female you're right.

This is Velouria

and Velouria is a female kitten.

Okay, what do you think?

If you guessed male you're correct.


This is Winston and Winston is a boy.


Good job, Winston!

What do you think?

If you guessed male, you were right.

This is Philip and Philip is a boy.

What do you think?



If you guessed female, you're right.

This is Margot and Margot is a girl.

Good job Margot.


Okay, last one.

Any guesses?

If you guessed male, you're right.

This is Barnaby and Barnaby is a little boy.

So we have three boys and two girls.

Our little boys are named Philip, Barnaby and Winston.

And the little girls are Velouria and Margot.

Many thanks to these little ones for being our teachers today.

I hope this helped.