How To Tell A Fake Hydro Flask From a Real One

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it can be extremely difficult to tell

the difference between a real hydrofloss

and a fake hydrofloss but there's

actually 12 ways that you can do it

which I'm going to share in this video

but first have a look at these and see

if you can tell which ones are real and

which ones are fake pause the video if

you need to and have a guess and then

I'll reveal it to you on the left these

three hydrofloss are real and on the

right those two hydrofloss the 2-tone

ones are fake how do I know these are

real well actually purchase these from a

hydrofloss directly and I'll link up to

hydrofloss comm in the description down

below if you want to get an authentic

one yourself and that's my affiliate

link and these two over here I purchased

from eBay and I know that they're fake

because hydrofloss never made these

colors in this size and when I contacted

the seller about these potentially being

fakes they just gave me a refund and

never spoke to me again so what are the

twelve ways that you can tell whether or

not your hydrofloss is real or fake how

do you identify the difference the first

way and one of the easiest ways to do it

is by looking at the logo text so this

white one is real and this pink one here

is fake you can see the difference in

the text and you can see this gap

between the Y and the D just doesn't

look quite right you can see that the

logo is different the are kind of curves

around a lot more and the more you look

at it the more you can see the

differences in the fonts that are used

the R is not an issue because old

hydrofloss used to have that but the

newer ones don't have that and so logo

and the writing of the logo is an easy

way to tell it's a bit harder to tell

when you just look at the pictures

because then your hydrofloss they shrunk

down the logo and removed the R but the

older hydrofloss actually did have this

logo which was a bit larger and they did

have the are there so that can be a

difficult way to tell whether they're

real or fake the next biggest giveaway

is that

text at the bottom so real hydrofloss

text at the bottom is actually printed

in both upper and lower case letters

whereas the fake hydrofloss are etched

in or engraved in so this is not printed

on but they've actually removed the

paint and you can see the stainless

steel underneath whereas with the real

hydrofloss you can see that it's

actually printed on it says different

things as well this says Made in China

it has the product number says

hydrofloss comm temps yield insulation

whereas the fake just says designed in

Bend Oregon has the size and says 18/8

stainless steel so that's another really

obvious way to tell a real one from a

fake one the third way to tell whether

it's real or fake is the color or size

options now it's really obvious with

some of them like black and white for

example hydrofloss never made black and

white two-tone colors these two fake

ones here these are the ombre colors or

two-tone colors and hydro flies did

actually make these colors but never in

this size they only release them in the

40-ounce and as you can see here this is

actually a 32-ounce size so hydro flies

never made it in these size and when

they did release them they release them

with a different color lid not a black

lid so I'll put up an image of what it

should look like and you can see the

different colored lids and as you can

see I just got black so that's another

way to identify whether it's real or

fake if you get a color or a size option

that hydro flasks

never actually released then you know

it's a fake and I'll link up in the

description down below to my full list

of every hydrofloss color as well as my

list of all the discontinued hydro fast

colors as well so you can check yours

against that list the next hugely

obvious tell is the price now if we're

on hydro flasks calm looking at the 32

ounce which is one of the most popular

bottles we can see that it sells for

$44.99 go to ebay and i've searched for

some 32 ounce bottles as well if we just

look at a 32 ounce we can see this one's

selling for $13 and

66 cents if we look at this one here we

can see that it's selling for around $27

for these hydrofloss and if we look at

this one you can see that it's selling

for $26 in a color that hydrofloss never

made so price when you're finding ones

that are this cheap and they're only $13

1366 for a hydrofloss which usually

sells for $44.99 a full article on where

you can actually find hydro fast or thin

teak one's for sale so I'll link up to

that in the description down below if

you're interested they are rare but it

does happen and I've worked out where

you can find them so link to that

article will be in the description down

below the next way to tell is the seller

who did you actually buy your hydro

flask from did you buy it directly from

the company did you buy it from hydro

flask calm did you buy it from Amazon

which is actually reputable hydrofloss

have kind of taken over this and they

seem to be the only company that sells

their products on Amazon through a

company called tall Ridge so most

hydrofloss on Amazon pretty much all of

them seem to be authentic from the

research that I've done or are you

buying from a reputable store like REI

or something like that where you know

they're actually a dealer of hydrofloss

or are you getting it from a dodgy site

like this one that's actually Thor is

good site whether you can see they've

ripped off a bunch of things but you can

see these fake ones here 40 ounce hombre

for $30 you're not actually going to be

able to buy ones like that and if there

were real hombre they would have

different colored lids these are fake

this is a dodgy site I don't know who

this is what's Thor is good dot site

they don't even have their branding on

there they're using the Hydra fast

branding and so this is almost

definitely a dodgy site and listings

like this from eBay almost certainly

definitely dodgy as well and we can see

here so many different dodgy listings as

well so where you get it from is really

important so I'll link up in the

description down below to hydrofloss

comm as well as Amazon which is my

affiliate links but there you can

actually get authentic ones if that's

what you're looking for the next way to

tell whether you've got a real or fake

one is with the lid now if you look at

these lids they look almost identical

and I wouldn't know just from looking at

them which one is actually the real

hydrofloss and which one is the fake

hydrofloss even on the lid you've got

the hydro floss writing there and it all

basically looks the same

maybe under a microscope you could tell

the difference but I can't personally

tell the difference the only difference

is I can see is when we flip the lids

over and then we go ahead and have a

look at them now if we look inside this

is a fake one and inside you can see

that the rubber seal is actually black

and you can see right here that it's

actually kind of starting to separate

there the inner plastic and the outer

plastic kind of has that separation in

it whereas if we compare that to the

real one we can see it's a bit hard to

see in this video but the inside plastic

rubber is actually see through and kind

of has a white tinge to it

and you can see that there's no actual

separation in the plastic there if we

look at the other fake one we can see

that separation in the plastic again and

the rubber is basically black and so

that's how you can tell the lids apart

this is the only straw leader I have and

my kids have lost the straw but again

inside there it has a kind of white

clear rubber gasket but I don't have any

fake straw leads to compare to sorry

next up is the packaging so both the

fake hydro flask

came in white boxes like this and the

real hydro flask came in a cardboard box

like this now the real one when you take

it out and take away the packaging it

actually came in this little sleeve here


says repurpose me recycle me and then it

had the hydrofloss inside that was how I

got my spearmint 32-ounce Hydra flask

the fake ones on the other hand both

came in these white boxes and had bubble

wrap over them so we opened that one we

can see that it's got bubble wrap and if

we open this one we can see that it

actually came in identical packaging

with the bubble wrap so it didn't come

with this hydrofloss sleeve

it came with bubble wrap so the

packaging is different and that's

another way to tell whether or not

you're hydrofloss is real or fake

viii way to tell is whether or not you

got a printed leaflet so if we open a

fake one you'll see that it didn't come

with anything inside if we open the real

one now I've actually used this so it's

a bit wet in there but it did come with

this leaflet inside just like that and

if we go ahead and tip this out then we

can see that we've got a hydrofloss

leaflet and a bunch of different

languages and we've got some details


so the real one came with this leaflet

and the fake ones came with no leaflet

at all the ninth way to tell is the

printed sleeve now these sleeves on the

surface look very similar you can see

that both got the metallic on the top

you can see that the logo is very

accurate printing is quite accurate this

has white writing for the colder hotter

longer this one has metallic writing for

that and we can see hydration written

three times on the real one only once on

the fake one we can also see the real

one has multiple different languages on

it and as we go around we can see that

it has English but then it also has

other languages as well and if we look

at the fake one then we can see that

it's only in English and as we move it

around we can see some differences there

in what is written on the bottle and the

way that it is displayed another thing

is with the fake ones the sleeve is just

slid on

there's nothing stick

so it's quite easy to get off with the

real hydrofloss however it was actually

stuck on so it's a bit harder to get off

and what you can see is it's got some

sticky glue here that was underneath

sticking it on so that was a slight

difference there next if we look at the

barcode stickers on the fake one here we

can see that it doesn't look like the

right logo the logo looks different we

can also see that it says 2016 on this

one whereas if we look at the new one

it does say 2020 and we can see some

differences down the bottom this one

says hand wash only this one says Made

in China and what's really interesting

is we look at the fake one see how it

says lava lava is a red colored

hydrofloss this one says spearmint which

is the right green color which is what I

got this one says lava this is not lava

this is not even close to lava and

interestingly on this other fake one

that I got if you have a look at that

then it says lava as well and so maybe

they're just using the one sticker for

both of them but yeah this is definitely

not lava I'm guessing they're just using

the same barcode and sticker on all of

the fakes getting into the really

nitty-gritty if you look at the insides

of these now obviously this one's wet

because I used it we went to the

National Park it was great but if you

look at the bubble on the inside of

these then you can see in the real one

the bubble is actually larger than it is

in the fake one so I'm not sure if

that's across everyone but that's what I

can see here with these fake versus real

that that inside bubble is a bit larger

also you can see the difference in the

neck design here now this is a 2020 or

late 2019 hydrofloss neck design where

it actually goes up and you've got this

aluminium strip up there and you can see

the difference in the old design here

where it's kind of rolled over it kind

of sticks out like that however this is

extremely similar the yellow one here is

real it's extremely similar to the real

one I can't tell the difference just by

looking at it so this is an accurate

depiction of the older hydrofloss but

the new hydrofloss

do have these newer neck designs so

there's the standard one in the white

and this is the wide mouth in the

spearmint green you can see that

different neck design there for the

newer hydrofloss now I've noticed on that they're still selling

this old design and they're still

selling those ones

whereas on Hydra flask comm you can

actually get the newer design so that

might be a reason to buy it from one

place or the other depending on which

design you like and I'll leave my

affiliate links to both Hydra fast comm

and the Hydra flash bottles on Amazon in

the description down below if you go

through that doesn't cost you any extra

but it does support the channel and I

thank you for that but what about ice

retention how does a fake Hydra flash

compared to a real Hydra flask and so

I've got a big bucket of ice here and

I'm gonna fill these up and test how

long they can hold ice and how they

compare to each other but this video has

been going long enough so we're going to

do that in the next video so make sure

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ahead and click to watch the next video

to see how a real Hydra flash compares

to a fake Hydra flash when it comes to

how long it can hold ice for