How to Tell if a $20 Bill is REAL or FAKE

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hey there guys it's me Rob thanks for

tuning in to the Robinson knowledge

YouTube channel today we're gonna be

showing you guys how to tell if a $20

bill is real or fake

now we also do have the same video for

some other denomination bills so if you

need to see any of those videos go ahead

and click the info card in the top right

hand screen and you can see those other

videos but if you need it for the 20

we're gonna go ahead and get started so

we are gonna show you some methods using

just nothing but what you have and we're

also going to show you some that you

need to maybe buy some additional tools

like they counterfeit detection pen or a

UV flashlight but first we're gonna show

you how to do it without any of these

tools so what you're gonna want to do

firstly one thing you can do to tell is

there's actually raised ink on the

shoulder of the person on the bill so if

you actually feel it with your thumb you

can actually feel the ridges here and as

you can tell we're on the smooth paper

there's no ridges so that's a good way

to check that if there's no ridges on

here that's a good sign that that's just

a printed bill like not a real printed

by the mint but somebody like printed it

on their printer at home because they

won't have the ability to do that raised

ink like that number two is to obviously

check for a watermark and the watermark

also needs to match the person who is on

the bill and the watermark will occur

over here when you hold it up to light

or but I'm gonna shine some light

through the back to kind of simulate

this so as you can see there there is a

watermark of Jackson who is on the

twenty dollar bill and it is the same

person and it's not printed on as you

can only see it you know when it's held

up to the light another thing you can

it's not really a watermark but you can

check it as a watermark is the security

thread in the Bill's also it's a little

hard to see with the light but right

here if you hold it up to light you can

see it says USA 20 and we're also going

to check this with a black light later

so I'll get more into that but there's a

little thread in the bill that says USA

20 and I should say whatever

denomination of bill obviously for this

it is a twenty dollar bill and those are

just the regular traditional detection

methods that you don't need any addition

tools those are just kind of quick if

you have all of those you're pretty

pretty solid should be getting you know

should be real if you're and obviously

if you're better at handling money you

do it a lot you can kind of tell a lot

of this stuff just without even thinking

about it but we're going to show you how

to use this counterfeit detection pen as

all as well also so all you do you know

when you also put some links to these on

Amazon if you want to buy one but all

you do is just take the pen and you just

mark the bill with it and what you

wanted to do is stay this kind of gold

color that it goes on as well you don't

want it to do is turn black because if

it turns black that means it's a fake

bill so we have this counterfeit $20

bill here that we're going to show you

this on so here is a fake $20 bill

somebody just printed at home and we're

gonna check this one and as you can see

this one turned black and this one stays

gold so that's how you can tell the

difference for those now this is not

foolproof this method if you only check

with a marker because one thing that

some counterfeit people will do is

they'll take a lower denomination bill

so say like a five dollar bill they will

bleach off the actual ink and then they

will print on a fake a twenty dollar

bill on top of that so the paper will be

the correct paper as it's the mint the

paper that the mitt prints it on but it

won't be an authentic twenty dollar bill

it will really only be worth five

dollars and that's how you you can check

you could catch that by making sure you

always check that the watermark matches

the person on the bill and now the final

way to go ahead and do check one of the

security measures is to actually use a

black light so you can see it pretty

pretty straight up right away as you can

see that security thread in there

actually glows under a black light I

don't know if it's gonna show too well

on camera but this particular bill it

actually you can pick it up it glows a

green under the black light now all the

bills load different colors some of them

glow like an orange or red I think a

yellowish this one is a green and all

the security threads are also in

different locations in the bill so this

one starts right in the zero the middle

of the zero on the twenty in the upper


corner and it just goes straight down

and also it does read us a twenty it's

backwards a little bit but us a twenty

as you can see and that's the other way

you can check that but that's about all

the detection methods for the 2000 bill

like I said if you need to see any other

bills you can go ahead and check the end

screens on the screen now if this helped

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