How to Tell If a Dog Has a Fever (Most Accurate Method)

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here is my poor unsuspecting beagle

Molly and we are going to show you how

to tell if your dog has a fever now a

normal temperature for a dog is 99.5

- 102.5 signs that you can look for

include red eyes lethargy warm ears

shivering or a dry warm nose but if you

want to tell for sure if your dog has a

fever or not you're going to need three

pieces of supplies some vaseline or

petroleum jelly a thermometer now you

can see mine says dog on it because we

have a specific dog thermometer trust me

when I tell you you're not going to ever

want to use this on a human again so

what I'm gonna do and you need a q-tip

what I'm gonna do is just take a little

of the petroleum jelly on the q-tip and

wipe it around the end of the third

honor oh no we don't want to eat that so

wipe it around the end of the

thermometer just to get make sure

there's some all over it and you have to

take the dog's temperature rectally

that's the best way to do it to what get

the most accurate temperature so I'm

just gonna lift up Molly's tail insert

the thermometer which you can tell she's

not super comfortable with and then we

just wait for the thermometer to beep

now as I mentioned a dog's normal

temperature is 99.5 - 102.5 so if

Molly's is higher than that then I know

that she has a fever if you guys have

any questions about how to take a dog's

temperature or how to tell if your dog

has a fever please email me Samantha at

dog tips comm I hope this was

informational for you and I appreciate

you watching this how-to video