Learn How to Age a Whitetail Deer with Keith Warren

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I know a lot of people that have

difficulty determining the age of a deer

whether it's a whitetail or a mule deer

of while it's alive you know there's a

lot of different theories that you can

determine the age of them after they're

dead but after the dead it's too late

for the wildlife manager to make the

right decision so this video we're doing

it so it will help you be able to learn

more accurately how to judge the age of

a live deer all right just just to start

out with I mean take a look at this buck

right here and say how old do you think

this guy is because if you're trying to

determine the age for the antlers you're

going to make a mistake and I would say

forget looking at the antlers to

determine age number one always look at

the body the serious hunter the guide

the serious game manager the serious

trophy hunter and I know a lot of them

when they're out in the field and a deer

comes in the first thing they do is they

look for the age of the animal not the

score and so what I want to do is I want

to cover three different age brackets on

deer I think we need to break them up

into young deer and then this first

bracket the next one would be the

middle-aged deer and the next one would

be mature deer that's the easiest way to

do it now I think one reason why people

have difficulty in determining the age

of deer is that they just don't have

enough experience they haven't seen

enough deer they haven't spent enough

time out but there's a lot of tools that

will help you to be able to become a

better age determined that will help you

to be able to determine better the age

of a deer and that's with video like

this or looking at magazines magazine

ads if you take a look at a mature deer

there's no question in your mind

wow he's mature especially if all you've

ever seen is a bunch of immature deer

I know years ago somebody asked me how

do you determine the age I said you've

never seen a mature deer nope never seen

one I guess they're all the same and he

called me two years later after we had

talked and he says I saw the first

mature deer I've ever seen in my life so

there's a big

difference between a mature deer and a

young deer so let's go ahead and get

started all right young deer

well they look young they're thin

they're sleek they're they're they're

lean and when they come walking out they

they almost look like a doe with antlers

okay it's real easy to tell a young deer

typically their necks are very thin

their stomachs are up high like I said

they're lean and then also you start

looking at the I say a young deer and

I'm going to call a young deer anywhere

up to two and a half year old deer a two

and a half year old deer by that time

he's he's really starting to put on some

weight so as he comes in just three and

a half and four and a half year old age

class that's what I call middle age

they're really starting to bulk up

they're starting to put some weight on

so you can determine the difference

between a young deer and the middle-aged

deer just simply by looking at the body

the necks are more full the face is more

around the belly is bigger the chest is

certainly bigger

the back is straight what happens

between three and four years old as a

deer starts getting up close to maturity

the belly actually starts to drop a

little bit and rather than the belly

being uptight high like a like a quarter

horse if you will by the time they go

towards four years old the belly is

actually starting to become level and

start being straight across so that's a

real easy way to determine if a deer is

in the middle age now once a deer hits

maturity there is no doubt in your mind

after you've looked at enough of them

when one comes walking out I tell people

it's like looking at a pink elephant

they know without a shadow of a doubt

that deer is mature and so what you wind

up doing you start breaking the deer

down into classes and you start looking

the mature deer he's going to appear to

have short legs he's going to have a big

deep chest a lot of times you'll wind up

having some loose skin on the bottom of

his throat or down on this brisket he's

got a deep belly on him a mature deer is

just something whether you're talking

about a whitetail buck or a mule deer

buck there's not a doubt in your mind

when you see one so as managers as

trophy hunters we want to make sure

we're shooting the right deer and the

right deer starts with being able to

determine the age of a deer properly on

the hoof if you've got any questions or

comments make sure and post it in the

comment section below this video

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better time next time you go outdoors