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under no circumstances should you ever

send money to someone you don't know via

Western Union or MoneyGram find out more

after this

hello people of YouTube this is faith

and welcome to our video today I'm gonna

be talking about some very common red

flags for Craigslist scams and at the

end of this video I'm gonna tell you a

little bit of my own and a personal

experience with the this particular scam

so here are five red flags that you

should spot for common Craigslist scams

number one the buyer will send you too

much or the seller requests too little

so let me give an example here say

you're selling a poster for 10 bucks on

Craigslist and say a person wants to

send you a check to buy the item so you

know you wait the typical amount of time

for postal service you get the check

it's for $100 the person says oh no I

added an extra zero on to the check can

you send me $90 back or better yet

they'll tell you like you know hey you

keep an extra ten dollars just send me

$80 back use part of that ten dollars -

for shipping for the poster or whatever

and they want you to send it via Western

Union money gram or sometimes even gift

cards yes some people actually fall for

this gift cards do you believe that

another thing is the sellers will

request to little say the newest version

of the Mac typically ranges like above

easily a thousand dollars now someone is

selling a brand new Mac for like five

hundred dollars they just tell you like

hey I can't meet you in person

I'm currently out of town so you're

gonna have to send me the money and then

I'll ship it to you or they'll tell you

oh yeah I'm currently deployed in the

army some other country if you could

just send it to this address this is why

it's out of the country there could be

some complicated not even complicated

I'm easy reason that they could just

come off the top of their head to make

it seem legitimate so they'll request

that you send money via Western Union or

muddy Graham and then they'll tell you

the co yeah I'll definitely ship it to

you don't worry and you never get it and

by the time you realize there's a scam

you can't get your money back it's very

difficult because as soon as you send

the Western Union or MoneyGram via

Walmart they could pick it up like that


soon as they pick it up there's no way

that you're gonna be able to get any of

this money back your bank is not gonna

be able to get it back for you because

you most likely took cash to go to

Western Union in order to send the wire

transfer tip number one the buyer will

send too much selador request too little

keep that in mind if it's too good to be

true most likely it is tip number two

repayment options typically scammers

will request that you send money back

via Western Union or MoneyGram and like

I mentioned before gift cards sometimes

they could ask for like iTunes gift

cards for some reason because it's very

difficult to retrieve those claim those

funds back once you determine it's is

it's a scam another good way is like

steam gift cards a bunch of a variety of

gift cards they could use to make sure

that you cannot withdraw the funds back

after you realize it's a scam

so bottom line do not ever send any

money to anyone to someone that you

don't know the third red flag is they're

not willing to meet in person like I

mentioned earlier they can make up some

sort of excuse like oh I'm on a business

trip right now I cannot meet with you

for that particular reason I can't meet

with you for the next seven days but I

really need this money right now so

please send it to me at those delivery

method methods that we mentioned before

and now guarantee they'll send you the

product so again not willing to meet up

asking for too little sending you too

much Western Union money Graham gift

cards don't do it red flag number four

as soon as they send you the check

they'll probably send it to you priority

shipping and they want you to deposit

not even deposit they want you to cash

the check

at your bank and as soon as he cashed

the check they want you send the funds

back immediately keep in mind it could

take the typical four to seven business

days for cheque to actually clear most

banks have next day availability of the

funds for example if I deposit a check

for $1,000 at my local bank the very

next day I should have full access to

those funds if I'm not using a new

account if you're ever unsure of a check

definitely ask the bank employees like

what they think about it

tell them you're current

and they should be able to see the red

flags if you cannot see them yourself

they might recommend that you wait the

four to seven business days for the

check to property clear because at that

point the maker bank will be able to see

that it's a counterfeit check and then

that's when they'll return it to your

bank and that full amount will be

debited out of your account so just keep

that in mind there are a bunch of

counterfeit checks out there and to the

common person you might look at the

check and just think oh looks just like

a normal check that you know it can come

from my checkbook or could come from a

business always look at the address of

the check as well the maker address if

somebody is speaking to you from another

state and they claim to be from let's

say New York and then the check that

comes in is out of Maryland or something

or Arizona or California that's a red

flag right there most likely it's a

counterfeit check so just be careful of

that tip number five and probably the

most important tip on this list do not

under any circumstance give your account

information to anybody that you meet

online some common scams that I've heard

of on Craigslist like hey I'm gonna

deposit this check on to your account

just give me your mobile banking

credentials or give me your account

number your routing number that type of

thing never give out your account

information under any circumstance to

anyone you don't know sometimes you

can't even rely on people that you think

you know over Facebook because fake

counts are very easy to make I could go

on to your friends list right now I

could see a friend that commonly post or

I could see a friend that constantly

posts on your wall and then I could just

make a fake account real quick I'll add

you and then I message you and tell you

hey I'm in deep trouble I need you to

deposit this check and send me back

Western Union money Graham gift cards

one of those three are typically the way

to do it or even sometimes wire

transfers never send any money back

unless you could verbally confirm with

the person over the phone and you should

know this person pretty well it can't

just be some guy that you knew in high

school and I was like oh yeah I'll just

say the money I trust you be overly

cautious no matter what there are so

many scammers out there and let me tell

you my story before I get on the story

though keep those five tips in mind

buyers will send you too much sellers

will send you too little

never send Western Union money grand

gift cards to someone you don't know

another red flag is they're not willing

to meet up keep in mind the check

clearing time of four to seven business

days and do not under any circumstance

give out your account information now

why am I telling you this

it's not because I recently fell victim

to a scam or anything I just know around

this time a lot of scams are going on

and I just watched a couple YouTube

videos about it and I was on Craigslist

a couple weeks ago and I just noticed

all these ridiculous prices and I said

to myself at the bottom it says you know

you're gonna be required to send money

with Western Union or MoneyGram that

type of thing Craigslist is full of

scammers right now so keep that in mind

now on with my story I say this was

around 2009 maybe a 2010 sometime around

then I was thinking about college and

what I was gonna do and I needed a new

laptop and at the time I spent a lot of

time at the Apple store and I was like I

want to get a MacBook Pro or just a

MacBook anything Mac related I was a

MacBook fanboy back in the day so I was

like yeah why not let's just let's just

look in Craigslist see what's going on I

really wanted a black MacBook laptop and

I saw one for a decent price I believe

at the time they ranged from like 700 to

like $100

I saw a MacBook for like 500 for $400 in

that around that price range I'm like oh

this is great it says it works there's a

picture of the black MacBook this is

great I never really purchase anything

on Craigslist before so I messaged the

seller as a hey I'm very interested in

this particular MacBook when can we meet

up I just want to see it I want to make

sure it works and they're like oh I

guarantee it works but um we're not

gonna be a meetup or anything like that

I will send you the MacBook but

obviously I would like money first I was

like that's good that's kind of strange

you know there's no guarantee that if

I'm purchasing something online that's

gonna work because at the time Amazon

wasn't that big of a thing online

ordering wasn't that big of a thing I

was pretty new to like being online and

just like trying to attempting to buy

something so this is very fishy so then

they tell me they're currently deployed

I think

Afghanistan or Iran Iraq they were they

were deployed somewhere and they were

saying that they could not meet up under

their circumstances they're gonna send

me the MacBook as soon as I sent them

the money or not they didn't even

request a check they just wanted me to

send the money via Western Union and I I

had enough money in my bank account and

I was thinking to myself do I'm gonna do

this this seems like very fishy I'm not

too sure if this is gonna work out that

particular day I was ready to go and

send the Western Union I was about to

leave for the bank and I thought to

myself no I'm not gonna do this I'm not

gonna risk not knowing that something's

gonna be sent to me because at this time

I still thought it was legitimate so

then I told him was like hey I don't

feel comfortable with this you know

thank you for the offer and everything

good luck selling your product and he

replied to me with a bunch of swear

words that you know the threats and

everything like that and I was like good

thing I didn't send this guy any money

because it does not seem like he's legit

I recently tried going back through my

email archive to try to find the

particular email thread so I could show

you guys but ever since then his email

has been deleted and I cannot have

access to those emails that's another

thing if the person is emailing you from

a random email address like Michael

Jackson six-six-six or something like

that pretty sure it is not legitimate if

they just throw two random names

together followed by a series of numbers

and then at or something like

that just keep in mind search for red

flags be smart so you don't lose any

money okay

that is the point of this video I hope

this video helps you out if you guys

have almost fallen victims to Craigslist

scams or anything like that please share

your stories in the comment section


bottom line again do not send any money

to anyone that you don't know or gift

cards anything like that the proper

cheque clearing time is four to seven

business days keep that in mind

do not use up any funds of a check that

you're not sure of until after seven day

period and even if it's still there

double check with the bank employee

because they should be able to see the

red flags never under any circumstance

give your account information this is

Vince path and now it's

five signs of a Craigslist scam thank

you guys for watching I'll see you guys

lit up