How to spot a fake 100 dollar bill

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hey welcome to Kody the car guys so one

of my customers came to the shop and

someone gave her a fake hundred dollar


so yeah they got her to go to a store

they bought her phone and heard a couple

other bills put a fake hundred-dollar

bill in there so I want to show you guys

a couple little tricks with a hundred

dollar bill pretty simple and easy to

spot a fake you know what to look for so

let me show you alright so this part on

your hundred dollar bill is nice and

smooth now I don't have any fingernails

to show you this but see these little

ridges right here so I got someone with

some fingernails to help out with this

and if you were to put your finger right

here it's nice and smooth you don't hear

anything but if you run across the

ridges this way it makes a different

noise you should actually feel the

ridges that is a cool little trick of

course you can go to an office supply

place and buy the pen but if you're

somewhere some $100 bill this is really

easy to check with run your fingers

right across here there is an actual

Ridge that is a hundred percent simple

way to tell the other thing to is see

this guy right here

the purple line now the purple line

right here when you move it side to side

you should actually see it change as you

can see it changes right there when you

make a copy along the copier it won't do

that the other thing too is this part

right here it looks like someone just

kind of like spilled some paint or

something on your hundred dollar bill

well that's like a little image hidden

in there so one of the things you can do

is let me use a flashlight just to show

you guys but when you look at it when

you look at it you don't see anything

right but I'd like to it and look at

that Benjamin Franklin shows up so

that's another telltale sign just put it

up to the light outside in the store

wherever you've got it any shoe Betsy

there should also be a little mini

Liberty Bell inside right here and it

should be reflective you should be able

to move it around as you can see it kind

of stands out from the rest of it so

now here's the coolest trick of all you

got two more things the other thing when

you hold up your $100 bill to the light

you should be able to see a strip on

this side right here and when you see

the strip that right there shows you you

got a good hundred dollar bill now

actually you can tear this right here

right at the strip and believe it or not

you can kind of pull that little strip

right on out of there for one of the

coolest tricks about your hundred dollar

bill there's one of those things not a

lot of people know about and it's a

simple and easy way to spot and see if

you have a fake hundred dollar bill or

not now you're wondering why I have a

paper clip that right let me show you

something see where the purple strip is

right there and you see three little

sections right there well watch this you

can actually take your hundred dollar

bill fold it over a little bit and you

can actually slide your paper clip

underneath all three of those you bet on

all three of those strips you can slide

that through just kind of push down

slide up and look at that all three of

them yeah it's not an optical illusion

it just slides right underneath it's

just something that goes over top of

your little purple reflective strip so

right there like I said if you have a

paper clip around or something push down

if the slides underneath it's a real one

also there's a little baby Liberty Bell

in there and you see the reflection

really easy you should be able to see

reflection easily just like that the

little strips right there with a little

bit of light pops out real easy that's

why you'll see cashiers at the store

stick it up to the light that's what

they're looking for that little strip

right there so anyways I hope that helps

you guys so that way you don't get stuck

with a fake hundred dollar bill I'll

catch you on the next video

yeah it's not a genie in a lamp it's

actually a little little thing for old

vintage whilst go detent

I'm just waiting for someone say that's

a genie don't leave thing it's too bad

no genie