HOW TO TELL IF YOUR CAT IS PREGNANT (without going to the vet): 6 Major Cat Pregnancy Symptoms

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>> KAYLA: [Music] This is Nala she's a British short

haircut who was 47 days into her estrus cycle.

There were several signs that led me to believe she is pregnant without having

to go to the vet and today I'm going to share with you all of the symptoms of

cat pregnancy from my personal experience.

It's important to note that the average length of pregnancy in cats

is 65 days but it can vary from 61 to as long as 72 days if you know exactly when

your cat was last in heat stay tuned until the end of this video as I will

share with you the app I use to track all of my cats pregnancies.

[Music] Intro.

>> KAYLA: Hi my name is Kayla welcome to kitty cat soul food and in

today's video I'm going to explain to you how to tell if your cat is pregnant

without having to visit the vet so let's get into the video.

So the first way to distinguish whether or not your cat is

pregnant is to actually determine whether or not your cat was in heat now

if you already know your cat was in heat then the next five or six points in this

video will be helpful to determine if she's actually pregnant.

But if you have no idea if your cat was in heat there

are a few indicators you can use to help determine if maybe she was in heat.

So the first indicator would be the time of the year.

So if you're watching this and it's the springtime or the fall time then most

likely she has gone into heat these are the prime months for cats to go into

heat because of the rising temperatures so there is a possibility that she could

have gone into heat but you just weren't around to witness it and the second

indicator would be how old she is so if you have an adult cat then most likely

she's already gone into heat multiple time it's because she has already gone

through puberty but just keep in mind that cats they only have to be 80

percent of their adult weight in order to be going into heat into puberty so

they can be quite young still and still going to heat so if you think your cat

is pregnant in fifty or sixty days has passed and you notice you've gone into

heat all of a sudden then it's possible what you thought was a pregnancy was

actually just a pseudo pregnancy which is like a false pregnancy.

Now the earliest and most reliable sign that your cat is pregnant is what's called eat

pinking up of the nipples.

Now this usually happens around 15 to 18 days after ovulation so it is

one of the earliest ways to detect pregnancy in cats what I would say is if

it's your cat's first time being pregnant it's super easy to tell because

prior to pregnancy they usually have very flat white

nipples and you can see like a substantial difference you can see that

they're pink or almost like a red colour and if it's your cat's second or third

time having babies then it could be a little bit harder to tell because

sometimes after their first or second pregnancy the nipples they stay enlarged

and they don't always go back to the way they were before so that's the only

situation I would say it can be a little bit more difficult but you can use a sum

of different symptoms to try to determine if they're actually pregnant.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that as the nipples begin to change the

hair will actually recede away from the nipples so that when the kittens are

born they can easily find the milk so this could be another sign like your cat

could be laying down on their side and you just notice all of a sudden that

their nipples are poking through their fur for example like in my cat Nala you

can see here that her nipples are clearly poking through so it's pretty

obvious that she's pregnant before this pregnancy you couldn't even tell like

where her nipples were on her body so it was pretty obvious to me once I saw this.

So another sign that your cat is pregnant is an increase in appetite and

an increase in sleep so from my personal experience especially with Nala right

now she is eating like crazy she's bagging for food every single day more

than normal so I would say like if you notice like any abnormalities like the

cat is coming to more often for food and they just seem like they're crying and

begging for food a lot then they're probably pregnant also they will sleep a

lot more you might find them in places that they typically wouldn't sleep in

like with knowledge she now sleeps on the bed or she'll go in my closet and

sleep and these are places that she would have never slept before her


Lastly some cats might experience morning sickness much like

humans when they're pregnant cats can also fall ill in the early stages of the

pregnancy even to the later stages.

This usually happens because

abdomen enlarges and puts a lot of pressure on their digestive tract so

they can cause them to puke and get a little bit nauseous so again with my

experience with Nala she was puking like a couple times a week what looked like

and white foam so I asked my vet and they verified with me that this is just

from her pregnancy and the expansion of her stomach so this is also something to

look out for which leads me to my next point which is the bulging of the

abdomen so around 35 to 45 days you're gonna notice that your cod stomach is

growing the kittens are getting bigger they're getting lots of nutrients

they're healthy they're growing and so you're gonna notice that sometimes when

they're laying on their side their stomach kind of like sticks out to the

side and so this is a sign that they're pregnant but it's obviously not until

later in their pregnancy that you can see this so I usually use this as like a

secondary sign after the nipples around 20 days and then when it's like 45 days

I see the stomach bulging it's like almost a hundred percent sure that

they're pregnant now something to keep in mind is that around 50 days or like

almost a week before they give birth you will notice if they lay on their side

some movement in the stomach so that's a healthy sign but it's also like a sign

that they could be going into labor within the next few days so I'm gonna do

a separate video on the signs your cats going into labor

but if you see movement I mean it's pretty clear that your cats probably

pregnant if you're skeptical of the buldging and you think that it's possibly

worms or like a parasite or something I would advise you to at least go to the

vet and get an x-ray if the cat is over 40 days pregnant they will be able to

detect kittens in the x-ray by the amount of skulls that they see so it's

not always accurate they can't always tell exactly how many kittens but you'll

at least be able to tell 100% for sure whether they're pregnant or not.

Another sign that your cat is pregnant is a

change in her behavior so a cat that was once distant might become super

affectionate and vice versa so if you have noticed your cat acting

super loving and purring all the time coming to your chest and wanting

attention then that could be a sign that she's pregnant but usually I don't

notice the until later in the pregnancy one thing

that I might say a little bit earlier it's a little bit of aggression so if

you have other cats in your household I do notice that the pregnant cats tend to

get a little bit more aggressive towards those cats they kind of like claw at

them a lot more those are just some behavioral changes that I've noticed

from my experience but something else to look out for lastly is nesting behaviors

so towards the end of the pregnancy you might notice that your cat is going in

discrete places that they normally wouldn't have been in such as a dark

closet a laundry basket or even on top of the washer and dryer sometimes

they'll claw blankets or towels or try to find like a little place that they

can call like their own for when they're ready to give birth to the kittens so if

you notice this it's like a sure sign that the labor is soon to come so that's

like the last sign that you could possibly see that they are for sure


and that's it for this video I hope you guys learned something new and

hopefully you too can now determine whether or not your cat is pregnant

don't forget to Like and subscribe for more weekly cat videos thank you so much

for watching and stay positive bye.

Wait before you leave I'm gonna show you the app that I use to track all of my

cats pregnancies so let me just open the app here on my phone so I'm gonna go to

the App Store in the app it's called pet pregnancy so I'm just gonna type pet


It's the first app that comes up it's the only app available to actually use

so there's no other options I'm just going to open it so the first thing you

see is the calculator so here you're going to select what kind of pet so most

likely it's a cat if you're watching this video I'm gonna put in the name so

for example I'm gonna put in Nala even though I already have her logged in here

and her mating date was on the 31st of November so 2019 I'm gonna press submit

and it says now Nala will give birth on February 4th 2020 and so do you want to

save this pet to your pet list so I'm gonna say yes and then afterwards it's

gonna show you the delivery date the minimum delivery date and the max

delivery date so the delivery date is sixty-five days exactly sixty-five days

from the first day they were gonna heat but cats can be in heat up to one week

so you don't know exactly which day they got pregnant which is why they offer

like a minimum date and a max date so the minimum date is more like around

sixty days into the pregnancy and the max is around like 70 69 70 days so I

can see here that Nala would be due on February 3rd and her minimum due date

would be 30th of January and her max would be the 8th of February so if you

want download the app and you can keep track of your cats pregnancies as well

you know that what you want some chicken you want some chicken.