How to tell if your cat is pain 😿 signs of cat in pain 😿

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Hi everyone! It's Milda here again from Relax My Cat channel

And today I want to tell you all about how you can tell if your cat is in pain

It can be extremely challenging sometimes to know whether your cat is in pain or not

That is because they have learnt to hide it so well

It stems from their origins and their basic survival skills

Because in the wild an injured animal is an animal that is vulnerable to attack

However, there are certain signs that certainly say that a cat is in pain.

So let's look at them

One thing that you might notice about a cat being in pain is that you don't notice them anymore

Cats in pain tend to hide and move around less

So their mobility might decrease as well

If you see that your cat is struggling to go up and down the stairs, if previously they were very active

Then perhaps it is a sign that they are in pain

You might see a change in your cat's grooming habits

As they might clean a lot less now because it might be

Painful for them to contort themselves in all those difficult yoga positions

Cat that stopped using the litter box could be a cat that is in pain

For cats to climb that extra 4-4,5 inches could be extremely painful

So they might just use, go to the bathroom outside the litter box

As well as that, pain can lead to slowed motility of the intestines

And that in itself can lead to constipation

Also look for signs such as loss of appetite

Because a cat in pain can drink and eat a lot less

And excessive sleeping or sleeping only in one position

Changes in vocalisation or general changes of personality

Say for example if your cat is a lot more irritable or cranky

Especially if you touch certain areas where it might be painful for her

Remember, when you go to the vet's

They will often rely on your observations

Because only you know what is normal for your cat

Whereas the vet does not know your cat as well as you do

So just be observant

Don't ever give cats human painkillers. Cats metabolise drugs in a different way to all other species

So unless the painkillers that are given at the proper intervals and at the proper dose, they can be toxic to cats

And this is especially true with ibuprofein which is non-steroidal anti-inflamatory painkiller

Which can be deadly to cats

There were actually some instances where people have killed their cats

Obviously accidentally, by self prescribing their medication

So it is very important that you don't do that unless you are instructed by your vet to give your cat medication

While some pain is related to pain or injury that can be easily treated and resolved

In older cats pain tends to relate to conditions such as arthritis, which causes chronic pain

There was a study at Texas A&M University that looked at cats that were brought to vet for many different reasons but pain

And it showed that 90% of those cats over the age of 10 had x-ray evidence of painful arthritis

So they were in pain but their owners did not know anything about it

However, when you know what to look for it is much easier to see it

Signs of chronic pain are almost exclusively behavioural in nature

So it is important to monitor your cat's behaviour very closely.

Pain can have many different causes, such as operation, wound inflammation, infection

Many different things

But the general rule of thumb is, think about it, if it would be painful for you, it is painful for your cat

And no animal should suffer in silence

So, the first step is to identify the pain and the to contact your veterinarian

And this is it guys! So thank you for watching and I do hope that you have found this helpful.

If you have any comments, questions maybe suggestions on what you would like me to talk about next

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