5 CLEAR signs a Cancer Man Likes You!

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well hello beautiful people My dear dear

people it's Zoey week in here thank you

for tuning in to my next video five

clear signs on how to know if you can't

some man likes you

and I just want to say I am sorry for

being away and not uploading let's be

honest here and say that I have been

busy I've had a lot of my mind and I

guess I've been a little bit lazy too

but anyway I am back uploading more

videos but I'm not going to make any

promises but I am gonna try to upload

more in the future for you guys to watch

hello new subscribers if you are new and

welcome back to the old ones so let's

sum up the chance a man first so cancer

man I've known I've actually known a lot

of cancer man I love them they've been

some of them have been my bestest friend

and I get along with them really well

and I just want to put out there that

I'm a Libra I'm a Libra son and they say

that libras and cancers don't really mix

but I mixed together with them really

well and that might be because I have

planets in Scorpio actually have a lot

of planets in Scorpio which is really

cool so maybe that's why I get along

with them really well I understand them

and their emotional side and their

sensitivity and I find that so many

people get cancers wrong they see them

as shy and instance in shy and sensitive

and moody but for me they're actually

one of the strongest emotional signs of

the zodiac they're able to you know just

take blows and get back up and work

really hard and work through their stuff

and yes you know they might be going

through a tough time but they always

come out of it on top so yeah you can't

serve people so let's get started in the

five clear signs on how to know if a

cancer man likes you so if you just

starting tonight a cancer man and you're

wondering you know just this guy like me

what's how's he feeling because he's not

being very open well number one the

number one sign is that he's talking to

you and he's trying to get to know you

so just look out for that you know the

type of conversation we're getting he's

asking about you he wants to know you

where are you going what are you doing

what are you up to on the weekend you

know if he'll try to find some common

ground with you to like he'll try to

find out what you're interested in what

you like to do what kind of music you

like they actually really love music so

he'll probably try and find out what

type of music you like and once he finds

that once he finds that common ground

he'll be like oh yeah I like them too

you know you know if they were ever

coming to this town maybe we should try

and see them together he'll try and find

some way to hang out with you so look

out for that one look out for questions

personal questions and questions about

you know we're going what you're doing

interests done it at it up all that

stuff number two number two

okay so they have for me this is me

personally but they have an amazing

sense of humor I love their sense of

humor and they're so funny and if he

like has a little bit of interest in you

or if he actually really likes you he's

gonna try to make you laugh he's very

sensitive emotionally and he does picky

is he intuitive intuitively picks up on

your feelings people's feelings like the

vibrations that are around him like he's

sensitive to that that's part of that

you know the sensitivity that that we

talk about with cancer's is that they

pick up on the vibes and they're also

sensitive on the inside but they're also

picking up on everything that's around

them so he's actually gonna know he's

gonna just feel life are you having a

good day are you having bad day if

you're having a bad day he wants to know

why and he's gonna try to make you feel


and don't be afraid to this has got a

win-win ease trust but don't be afraid

to just talk about you talk about your

problems and just open up to him because

if you can if you can open up first

emotionally to him then he's going to be

able to trust you and he's gonna be able

to open up emotionally to you as well so

it's probably best like if you want to

talk about your problems with him he's

probably the most best guy to go and

have a chat with so yeah so back to the

humor side does he try to make you laugh

does he tell you funny jokes does he try

to you know pick at you a little bit and

try and make little jokes about you yes

so that's a good sign that he does have

a little bit of an interest in you so

number three so number three is that he

and this might be a little bit more down

the track but is he introducing you to

his family and his friends and even if

he just introduces you as a friend it's

still a major step for him because like

these people he's very protective of his

personal life and his private life but

if you've gone that step where he's

introducing you to his I like his best

friend or his family and especially his

mom a lot of kids and Menston tend to be

really close with their mothers so if

you've gotten to that stage where you're

meeting these people it's pretty clear

sign that he does have something for you

another one is like the stare and you

might you might catch him looking at you

and staring at you

and because she's shy and sensitive he

doesn't want to be caught so if you do

catch him he's just gonna do that really

shy look away and I don't know it'll

make you feel real good inside so they

when they're interested in someone they

actually really love eye contact because

it's their way of reading into you or

looking into your soul getting a feel

for what kind of person you are on the

inside without you really saying it so

can't the people because they're able to

read people's lives and people's energy

they're actually really good at reading

people so they do like that I contact

because it's a way of for them it's a

way of emotional connection but if he's

still on the shine sensitive side and

you catch him looking at you is most

likely going to look away which is kind

of cute

so number number five so that was number

four number five is that he may invite

you over for a dinner for or for a meal

and Kansas's actually they love to wine

and dine and they love food they love a

little bit of alcohol and and they're

actually very fine cooks and one of my

one of my dear dear cancer men friend

cancer man friends that I used to work

with he was actually he was a chef and

he'd been a chef for a really long time

and he was he was an amazing cook yeah


anyway that's that's a I guess that's

another story but yes so they are

fantastic chefs fantastic cooks they

love food and if he goes out of his way

to prepare you this divine meal and

you have a glass of wine with it then

there's a pretty well there's that's a

pretty clear sign that he likes you more

than a friend so those are my five clear

signs a comment below if if you're

cancer man has done any of these for you

and the last thing I want to say is that

if you if you do like one of these guys

it's it may take a little while for him

to open up because the most important

thing for him when he's getting to know

someone is he wants to feel safe he

wants to feel secure and he wants to

feel comfortable with you he wants to be

able to trust you so once he feels all

of those things like once he trusts you

and he's comfortable in opening up then

he's going to share so much of himself

and that may take a little bit of time

and that's okay

there's no rush you don't have to rush

but yeah just you know be friends have

fun take it easy and yeah I get to know

each other use use that that special

time to get to know each other and and

look you'll be fine

so yeah cancer man cancer man if you're

watching this you guys I love you guys

and for everybody else that's watching I

love you - I love your comments and I

love reading and replying to your

comments and stay tuned on my channel

for the next video okay so I better go

now bye bye and I'll see you again soon

guys bye