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what to ask your barber or stylist to

get the haircut that you're looking for

now the reason I'm doing this video and

I have done videos like this in the past

on the eleven years I've been on YouTube

I've done videos like this but the

reason I'm doing this video one is

because like 85% of people who are

subscribed to my channel like don't

watch my videos so I'm getting a huge

audience of people coming to me for the

first time finding me because we're in

quarantine all of a sudden now I find

this long died after 11 years whatever

it is I I realize that I have to keep

making content and regurgitating content

that I've done over and over again

because people just find me randomly and

they don't know I have over 1,500 videos

on YouTube which I do so the reason the

main reason also is because I keep

getting so many random DMS or messages

or people spamming me or just happen to

follow me because they want to spam me a

question you know and I said you know

what I need to make a video again to

really help you guys out whether you're

male or female on what to actually say

or how to ask for the style or haircut

that you want and it's probably not what

you think and I'm hoping that this is

really gonna help answer a lot of

questions for you guys so I'm gonna

break down the first most important

thing is that a lot of times there are

not names of haircuts that you all keep

asking about like if you watch a video

or tutorial whatever it is and you keep

asking me you know what's the name of

the haircut what do I hide away what do

I say to my barber to get this there was

no name sometimes for a haircut unless

it's like an undercut or a buzz cut or a

load feed or whatever it is sometimes

there aren't names of a haircut so you

can't ask them anything what you need to

do is focus more on showing them photos

I've said this 8 million times in the

past fine if you know take your phone I

think probably 90% of human beings have

a cell phone

from the ages of like four up I'm just

kidding but like a lot of people have

cell phones okay go on your cell phone

take a screenshot or save an image that

you search on Google for of what you're

looking for show it to your stylist show

it to your barber

next the most important thing do not

worry about hair lengths because that

professional should be able to look at a

photo and know exactly what to do the

amount of people who ask me how long so

I get to my barber or what is this

haircut so I can tell my barber you

shouldn't have to tell your barber what

the haircut is or how long it is there

the professionals trust me if they can't

look at a picture and cut the hair how

it needs to be then they shouldn't be

doing what they're doing

find somebody else stop paying you know

now I know it depends on what country

you live in because I've heard of people

you know that are paying like equivalent

to like one u.s. dollar for a haircut

and and that's your only option that's

fine but you really should be able to

show somebody a picture of what you're

looking for and take multiple pictures

and say this is what I'm trying to

achieve let them do what they're

supposed to do don't worry don't stress

yourself out about how long it is that's

that's it

okay so another helpful tip let's take a

couple of mannequin heads I have a whole

bunch of mannequin heads here to show

you guys now this is my most recent

haircut that I did of the chris

hemsworth from extraction the extraction

movie save for example you want that

piece in the front or you want this type

of look on the sides right what you need

to do is don't worry about the number

guard here okay what you need to worry

about is the front by saying if you are

gonna say anything

pull down your hair or say I want the

front to be this long so you can take

your if your hairs that long take your

hair pull it down to your nose and say I

want to keep this part this

long please do not cut this any shorter

if you want to skim the ends that's fine

but do not cut this really really short

you know I want to have this going

shorter into longer you can really just

explain the type of look that you want

meaning I want you know bangs and I want

them to come to my eyebrow or I want my

hair to be down to my nose or I want my

hair to cover my ears that's the

terminology and that's the verbage you

need to use when explaining this to your

professional your stylist if you're

doing your hair yourself it's all by a

visual okay and that's why I always as a

professional I suggest going to a salon

going to a barber but if you're gonna

you know if you're going to attempt to

do like a fade on your hair from like as

number 0 or number 1 good luck all right

but a lot of the times it really comes

down to purely visuals if your hair is

like a buzz cut and you want your hair

to be this long well hair grows 3/4 or

half an inch to 3/4 of an inch a month

do the math it may take six or seven

months to get the hair to where you need

it to be also just keep growing it until

it looks like what you want I mean

there's no really it's not rocket

science you know and why you're a

stylist or barbers aren't telling you

this who knows but hopefully that can be

helpful to you guys if you want your

hair to have like a sweeping kind of

look or something like this you simply

say I want my hair to come down to here

but I also wanted to sweep over so I

need some sort of layering so that it

has a nice flow to it it's all about the

verbage you use now if some barber or

hairstylist doesn't understand what a

flow is or what layers are run get out

of the chair and run okay there's no

reason why anyone should not even know

what that means and then there are there

are people out there who have no idea

but it really comes down to use you

visualizing and saying I want my hair to

be this long now if your hair this is

I'm gonna switch over to ladies hair

right women's hair right now

you've got really really long hair right

this is a gorgeous long layered haircut

if you're looking to keep the length and

you want a haircut like this look up

long layered haircuts or you know long

hair with layers on Google and maybe

show some photos or a couple of

celebrities of hairstyles that you like

now the one thing about photos is that

you may show something to your stylist

but you may not have the proper hair

type or the right you know thickness or

density or your hair might not be long

enough whatever it is you know you need

to explain what you want to that

professional they as professionals need

to then tell you if that could be

achieved or not and I think that's a

huge issue and there's a big disconnect

because I hate to say it there are a lot

of stylists who don't even know what the

hell they're doing to be honest with you

I've seen it before

so what you need to really say to them

is you know I want my hair to be I love

the length just keep it simple

I love the length of my hair throughout

the back here throughout the sides but I

feel like the front is way too long it's

got no shape to it and I want to have

some sort of flow where we have you know

maybe layers starting around right here

my chin and working down into the length

so I want everything blended going from

kind of like a longer angle from here

down into the back and I want to keep

the layers a lot flowing going from

short to longer I mean instead of saying

oh it's you know 18 inches in the back

and three inches in the front I mean

that's really just complicates it

because that may not be the case for

every single client right here's another

another hairstyle right here you know

I'm looking for a lob you know a longer

bob or a one-length bob you know show

some photos I want to have like a little

movement to it but I really want

something simple I want something that I

can tuck behind my ears you know it's

the kind of verbage that you explain to

us that helps us understand what it is

you're looking for now again back to

guys again if this is an example of a

haircut that you want say it's like more

of an ad style or a feathered haircut

what you say is I want my hair to look

feathered I want my hair I want to be

able to see the layers and I want them

to be this long literally pick up your

hair and show them how long you want it

to be if you have a photo of something

you like and you're not sure if your

hair isn't long enough for it that's up

to you to decide on your own or that

stylist or barber to say your hair is it

long enough but I can cut it to grow out

like that right if you want you know you

say them I want these feathered layers I

want to have a haircut that you know

really when I brush my fingers through

it it just stays in place and has a nice

flow explain to them more about the end

result of what you're looking for that

being so hung up on the name of a

haircut or the lengths that's pretty

much it

I mean you know and I and during

quarantine and things like that I know

it's difficult and if you are attempting

to cut your hair yourself watch my

videos I've got over 1500 videos

searched what you're looking for and

then simply add the salon guy all one

word into the search query whether it's

you know longer hair men the salon guy

short hair men the salon guy surfer

haircut the salon guy perfect layers a

salon guy how to cut your own layers

with some long guy you will find

everything you're looking for I

guarantee you I guess that's pretty much

it guys you know I really hope that this

video sinks in and really helps you all

because it's as much as I love sharing

information it's also frustrating to

keep getting the same things over and

over again because I explained it as

best as I possibly can in a lot of my

videos and I understand if people are

finding me for the first time that's

awesome thank you welcome to my channel

please subscribe and watch all my other

content but I really want to share this

to new people and new viewers who may

not have seen those videos and I know

this is a big topic and everybody seems

to want to know because I get like

dozens and dozens of dm's a day asking

the same things what do I say to my

barber how long is this don't worry

about that it's not up to you to be the

barber or the hairstylist it's up to

them they're the experts just have a

good time enjoy your

experience and communicate what you want

your hair to look like the length you

want to be use visuals pull your hair

down like this show them some people

need that some professionals whether it

doesn't matter just people in general or

more visual learners or they make a

connection board by seeing something

rather than using a number to associate

with the look so I can understand that

you know we're all different let me know

the comments below if you found this

video helpful I really hope you did stay

safe and healthy thank you guys so much

for watching don't forget to Like

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