Undercover Prostitution Sting

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County is known for conducting

undercover sex stings still one by one

eighty people were arrested in Lakeland

recently after falling for fake

prostitution ads our Ryan race is live

at the Polk County Sheriff's Office with

the results of this latest bust right

they call this operation naughty not

nice an undercover sexting that resulted

in the arrests of 80 people many of them

were married they came from a variety of

professions and some you think would

have learned their lesson the first time

but how about 32 year old Justin


he's a probation officer of all the

people you think would know better this

state probation officer based in

Lakeland is on the top of the list

he's one of 24 John's and 33 prostitutes

accused of stopping by a Lakeland hotel

room thinking they were getting sex for

money or money for sex if you're going

to commit crime stay out of Polk County

in just four days undercover detectives

found lawyers landscapers sandwich

makers even the son of an NBA legend

Chris Havlicek is a former sideline

reporter for the NBA and was in town on

business they tell me that Krister Havel

Havlicek and his next life could be a

fireman as quick as he can get clothes

on and off one man responded to the ad

carrying a bag full of adult toys one by

one with cameras rolling he laid them

all out on the table I must confess I

don't think Santa Claus would approve of

these most of the 80 people picked up in

the sting had criminal records Mark

Griffith was even arrested twice before

on the same kind of sting Sheriff Grady

Judd says 22 of them received public

assistance including this self-admitted

porn star the taxpayers are paying her

$1600 a month to not only prostitute

herself but to make pornographic films

like in many stings detectives posted

fake prostitution ads on

since Grady and his team built a

reputation over the years it's now

harder to get people to respond they

don't want to come to Polk County and

that's a good thing

in one case deputies arrested a 16 year

old girl who they think may be a victim

of sex trafficking they are now

investigating that during this four-day

sting they also arrested a couple who

went to the hotel room with a

three-month-old baby live in Polk County

Rhine rape