How to Tell if a $100 Bill is REAL or FAKE

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hey there guys it's me Rob but thanks

for tuning into the Rob's aknowledge

youtube channel and in today's video

we're showing you guys a bunch of

different ways to tell if a hundred

dollar bill is real or fake now this

video is gonna be mainly focusing on

this new blue style of hundred dollar

bill this is United States currency but

a lot of these features will also work

for even the earlier versions of the

hundred dollar bill so let's go ahead

and get started firstly without using

any of kind of detection outside

detection like a pen or a blacklight

there are a few features you do have

so first up here is we have this Liberty

Bell here it is like a color shifting so

you can color shift from gold to a

greenish as you can see there we're

talking about inside this little pot

here it goes from like a goldish to a

greenish tint and then we also have this

blue security strip here which has

little 100s and it also has Liberty

bells they kind of shift as you turn the

bill like that so if somebody was just

printing money on like a printer this

would not be working like it is on

screen now also we have some raised

printing basically so if you run your

thumb along just like paper outside of

here you feels nice and smooth and then

you run your thumb along Benjamin

Franklin's shoulder you can feel it it's

texturize it's basically raised ink so

you feel a good difference there and

that's where a lot of bank tellers will

go just to tell if the bills are real or

not and then also we do have of course

the watermark so as you can see if you

just lay a flat you can't really see

much right there but if you hold it up

to light you can see there that you're

gonna have a watermark and this

watermark here should always match

whoever is on the face of the bill or

else if it doesn't that's a big sign

that somebody bleached the bill of lower

denomination and they printed a higher

demand the nomination on top of it so

there as you can see is the watermark in

the corner over there

we talked about the raised print the


inking and also we have all these you

know little hundred-dollar things that

are goldish and then that is about all

now another cool little trick you can

kind of use to tell if this is just fake

printed money or if it's a real

hundred-dollar bill the new ones with

the blue strip you can actually take a

little paper clip or something and in

between where these little blue strips

are you can actually basically push the

paper clip through if you bend it right

and like so you can actually put the

paper clip through the little flaps of

money so that's kind of cool little

trick people would probably give you a

little bit of a stare though if you're

doing this with their money to test if

it's real or not but that's a cool

little trick to tell but anyways let's

get onto the more conventional detection

methods so obviously we can use just you

know little counterfeit pen markers I

will link these down below they're

pretty cheap on Amazon if you want they

also have some with little black lights

on them but I don't really recommend the

one with the black lights on them cuz

they're pretty cheap if you're gonna go

with black light detection I would

recommend just getting a little handheld

one for about seven to ten dollars and

I'll link these below two it won't be

the exact purple model because these are

actually discontinued I believe but I

will post some very good ones they're

just a nice black sleek they're pretty

good I'll link them down in the

description down below but so with the

pen if you don't know how to counterfeit

detection pen works basically you're

just gonna swipe it on the money and you

want it to stay the goldish color that

it is when it gets applied like so and

that just tells you that the paper is

real so for example we just use like a

regular copy paper that stuff turns

black versus the gold on the money and

that's how you don't but that still

doesn't mean the bill is necessarily

real cuz people could use real money

like a five dollar bill and bleach it so

the paper would pass this test but they

could just print a hundred dollar bill

on top of it and then it would still be

counterfeit and then you also wouldn't

have matching watermark you'd have the

five dollar watermark on here

so there's the pen test and then there

is also you can do a blacklight test or

you can do it without a blacklight but

it also has an extra security feature so

here you can see there's also a little

there's gonna be a there's a basically a

security fiber in the bill that if you

hold up to light you can see it says a

hundred USA so yeah here you can see it

says 100 USA and you can't really see it

much on video but this strip actually

glows orange a little bit under black

light and like the other bills worked

better because they glow like a green

it's kind of hard to see on camera but

if you do it with your own blacklight

you can kind of see especially with

other bills but that security fiber is

also a very important features that you

need to check for so those are about all

the security features if I miss any I

don't believe I do leave them down in

the comments below and I may have to

make an updated video but I'm pretty

sure we covered all of them but if you

have any questions about anything feel

free to let me know in the comments down

below as I said I'll link like a black

light and this little counterfeit

detection pen if you guys need to pick

one of these up if you're handling money

or if you're you know in any kind of

retail setting you need to go ahead and

make sure you're not getting counterfeit

money as they can really hurt your

business but if you guys need to know

how to tell if any other kind of money

is real go ahead and click the videos on

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other denominations as well to go over

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