7 Masculine Hygiene Tips You NEED To Know

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oh geez God what you're a grown man how

in the world have you gotten your whole

life without knowing these basic

hygienic tips every dude should do the

day boys I'm gonna give you seven basic

masculine hygiene tips all dudes

should know if that sounds interesting

hop into number one sleep naked hey

think about it this way your boys down

there there's constricted all day one

particular study that had 700 men found

that men that use very tight underwear

had lower sperm count than those that

use boxer briefs at nighttime this is

perfect time to let the boys out let

them breathe and increase your fertility

by letting your testes cool down to

optimal sperm health gotta take care of

your seeds boys those are your sons that

you keep flushing down the drain every

day and that boys that is exactly why

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don't only look after you

I look after your generations that's why

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your boy out next one which roses on to

number two we're micro mode off fabric

this also a so your balls can breathe so

many guys decide to wear tighty whities

or the cheap cotton crap that you buy

off of Walmart and what happens is that

kind is just a really bad fabric when it

comes to sweat because it absorbs all

that moisture and what happens is it

just sits there so now it's like your

balls are in a sauna all day long and

when you take that off god dang it it

smells like crap down there I don't want

none of that swamp mess to happen to you

and for you to stay more hygienic I

recommend you make a switch to something

called micro moral fabric it's a

performance fabric that allows more air

flow to kind of neutralize all of that

excess humidity and on top of that not

gonna lie it feels really good on your

boat and for three take care of your

hair your hair is like your priced

possession this is where all your

confidence comes from right so you want

to make sure that you're washing it

every day

you're conditioning it that it doesn't

have any dandruff and that you don't

have any signs of hair loss the worst

thing that could happen to you boys is

letting that pass right by you because

when you stop taking care of your hair

you stop paying attention that's when

you start mistreating it and it starts

dying on you and it starts falling out

and before you know it you lost most of

your hair

the reality is boys that hair loss is

way more common than you say who and

three men listen to this so two out of

three of you watching right now are

gonna experience some form of hair loss

by the time you're 35 that's a lot

sooner than you think some experience it

as early as the early twenties boys so

doesn't matter how young you are you

want to start taking care of your hair

today and start paying attention to it

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tracks number four I want you to grab a

bar of soap and throw it in your gym bag

because let's be real that thing that

thing's discussed everything that sweats

you just grab that moist stuff and throw

it in your bag and you know what starts

happening it just starts creating this

accumulation of humidity which is

perfect breeding out for bacteria and

this bacteria decomposes and leaves this

horrible stench and your gym stuff throw

a bar of soap the bar of soap Naturals

gonna just absorb all that bacteria and

deodorize it completely neutralize it

and moreover it's gonna leave a very

masculine clean fresh scent so now

you're walking like mr. clean through

Gold's Gym number five replace that damn

toothbrush go to your bathroom right now

look I don't want to scroll you I'm not

your dad go to the bathroom right now

now show me that toothbrush god damn it

that thing's disgusting what do you what

are you doing bro if your bristles are

looking schizophrenic going all over the

place we got a problem

you know this thing is not even being

effective anymore you're not cleaning

your teeth you're just lightly wiping

them down your bristles have lost its

effect more over more most dentists

recommend that you replace your

toothbrush head at least every three

months number six do your feet stink the

answer is yes I got you covered you see

this is easy this is probably because

your feet sweat a lot and again with

moisture coats bacteria with bacteria

comes be oh we're gonna neutralize that

at its root cost and what you're gonna

do is apply deodorant to the soles of

your feet do you want to do this at

night then you want to put socks and

sleep with that on what that deodorants

gonna do is it's gonna seal your sweat

glands the same way it does on your

armpits that way the next day not only

do your feet smell refreshed but also

they're not gonna sweat throughout that

day finally boys number seven this is

the last hygienic tip every guy should

be doing every single day wipe with a

wet one every time you go to the

restroom you see after you're done doing

your number two I want you to wipe at

least your last wipe with the wet one

why because think about it if you were

to step in dog crap

would you grab paper towel and just as a

mere it all over your foot of course not

you'd grab a hose and wash it off

because it's more hygienic just using

dry toilet paper you're not getting all

the particles you know what happens next

you're gonna end up streaking your

underwear and that's disgust and that's

basically it for this week's video boys

I hope you enjoyed it if you did don't

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today see you next time