All We Can't See - Illustrating the Nauru Files

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the incident file that I chose was on

the 5th of May 2015

on the morning bus run the boy showed me

a heart he had sewn into his hand using

a needle and thread

I asked why he said I don't know you can

only wonder what would motivate a small

boy to do that to himself

except that he's living in a environment

that's hopeless for him and he's deeply

affected and suffering and crying out

for help

thought about the file and that really

the only way to to interpret it is to do

a painting exactly like that a literal

translation I've read a number of the

incident reports this two thousand and

even though children are less than a

fifth of the population they're half of

the reports are to do with children if

there are 2000 incidents of assault

sexual assault and self-harm it's not an

isolated situation that's systemic and

it all flows from the top and I think

it's very important for Australians to

understand that because what it really

means is that although the government

talks a lot about Australian values and

values that are important the fact that

we're able to inflict this type of

brutality on a range of innocent people

including women and children shows that

our government thinks it's okay to have

two classes of human beings there's one

group of human beings that enjoy all the

protections under the law these human

rights are protected and yet there's

another group of human beings that

Australia is also responsible for that

considered second-rate humans and that's

not a sustainable situation part of the

problem of offshore detention is is that

the people who are the victims of it are

invisible to us and I think the

government knows that by keeping those

people out of our side making it

difficult for us to go and see it making

it difficult for the media to get access

that's been designed by the government

ordered to keep this a dark opaque

situation in the hope that Australians

won't care but we do care at the time of

the Naru files being released last year

there was around 440 people on Nauru now

there's about three hundred and

thirty-odd I think 36 children those

people should be brought here we've got

nothing to fear and they should be

supported properly just as we would

support our neighbors or our family

members or a stranger that needed help

ready to treat them in exactly the same

way that will make us feel good feel


we can all work together and put an end

to this you know tragedy up there