How drawing helps you think | Ralph Ammer | TEDxTUM

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Translator: Jihan Chara Reviewer: Denise RQ

We are going to get started with some kindergarten image-word match.

I would like each of you to determine

what is the word that matches the image in number seven.

Starting to come up with some ideas?


Get them in your head because I want to share with you

what my daughter Adeline chose.


Adeline chose 'art,'

and as her parent, I thought that was awesome,

but this is an incorrect answer according to the testing guide.

The correct answer is 'mud,' and I'm sure that's what you all chose.

Right, right?

How can something so nebulous be so concrete?

Actually, I think this quiz is a fitting analogy

for the problem in art education today.

Art education has been impacted

by the standards and testing culture like all other disciplines,

and in a lot of ways, we've been focusing on teaching things that are concrete.

Things like elements of art, art history, and foundational skills.