Fun With Languages | Learning Nauruan 🇳🇷

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what's up guys I'm happy to welcome you

to another fun with languages video this

is my second video I've done in all my


this one's focusing on the language of

now ruin Nauru is a very small island

believe it or not they do speak their

own language now rude Niro has a history

of Australian influence so that being

said most now ruins do speak English if

you visit Nauru you realize that locals

do speak nor ruin it's a very widely

spoken language across the island you'll

see signage in in now ruin if you have

the opportunity to visit Nauru it's an

absolute pleasure and opportunity to be

able to hear a unique language locals

are really friendly and I just so

happened to be on my my very last

evening and now I had spent some time

with some friends I made and decided to

have a little bit of language lessons

and basically share with the world some

of this unique language on video now

mind you my friends were a bit camera

shy and I did have to respect not

putting them on camera so here we go and

hope you enjoy notice a tiny Pacific

island it has its own unique language is

part of the Micronesian family and I'm

here to learn a bit of note and its

language so let's start with hello hello

it was so like a welcomed or greedy what

is it a coma wait

is a how are you what at it what at it I

am good or good like if you say how are

you say good is there like good and you

rated are we like if I come and I

arrived and someone talks to me where

are you from

a why mini-mini away and Minnie and I am

from know how you said now so I am from

note you know say one more time now I'm

in now you're telling me it's so good

morning yes

Moya run good afternoon

more Yakko goodnight million mobile

module would you okay I'm gonna do a

random long one where is the nearest one

day I'll go to America

yeah yeah how do you say come here pick

on me they connect their a way to say


like if you do cheers toast no I was it

like cheers to life for a good health or

just Cheers I asked I asked another

group was like how do you say cheers is

like yeah baby ever like if you're going

away in let's say it's Australia like

how do you say to someone safe travels

good trip happy travels what the one how

do you say yes in kale no thank you

go Bukka dooba dooba

dooba dooba bro is there thank you very

much how do you say so I like so some

I've heard people say narrow room now

room to me is it no anybody in your

language is now it looks like now at all

and a nao e ro Hawaii

it's a haole New Zealand is mechana

Tuvalu and Tonga it's piling yeah in

Fiji depending on what region is

babbling gear of kept our language and

here it's any foreigner goodbye that one

one thing I noticed about Nauru in

comparison to other Micronesian

languages is that it's it's very closely

related to marshalese language in the

aspect of the rolling RS Tedder one in

nah ruin is goodbye and you go to the

Marshall Islands and you you ask I'm on

motor which is like are you good just

one of those things that's really

interesting to note it's a small island

but big and heart it was a really

amazing privilege and opportunity to be

able to get through the visa process

it's very unique doesn't get very many

visitors and to be able to see a bit of

the culture being able to sit down and

discuss you know the basics of the

language is it's a blessing how do you

say thank you again

TIPA TIPA confer this video as always

thank you for joining me

it's been an absolute pleasure showing

another language here the

the travel I enjoyed doing these videos

and I look forward to doing more so as I

say in our room

I don't want and as like my friend said

when I asked them how you say cheers in

our room yeah baby yeah baby