INSIDE NAURU - the world's least visited country

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what's up guys it is about 10 p.m. here

in the Solomon Islands and I am about to

head to the airport right now to go to

the least visited country in the world

it's narrow time they get roughly 200

visitors a year it's gonna be a wild

adventure ahead and I'm gonna tell you

guys all about it so let's go to my

buddy Dan from Australia he's also

visiting every country will come with

the gown one five one five five

Oh guys we have just touched down and

now ruin four in the morning good night

okay so chances are you have no idea

what now Roo is but that's okay because

it really is the least visited country

in the world - sulfur nation so we've

got a voice and a good representation at

un the island is only five by four

kilometers welcomes and now Rue and it

takes about 30 minutes to drive around

the perimeter is shaped like a kidney

bean so wit for that for Kay's length

about five K's so we were here walking

to get across town in Nauru and we're

just happen to walk through the airport

and literally if we wanted to we could

walk on the runway right there what do

you guys think about it

crazy stuff so what exactly is there to

do here the short answer is not much

there's a handful of restaurants shops

ATMs and supermarkets that one's the

primary school

there are two hotels one bank one fire

station one post office and that's about


do you have movie theatres no no movie

theaters so a lot of people are on the

internet to connect with the outside

world there's a strong movie culture Pig

with a lot of DVDs there's a strong sort

of steel family connection in Nauru so

yes a nice local life does exist in the

form of 10,000 residents they are very

patriotic they got flags and symbols of

Nauru all over the country and they

speak not ruins and it's totally unique

earth doesn't steal words from tght it's

totally unique it sounds something like


Komodo mo kawaru demo yes and that just

means hello yeah and what about like

thank you or something

thank you you say due back up so I want

to say like my name is drew how do I say

that yeah go hey go drew oh it's easy

I go drew but a lack of activities on

the island and a passion for eating

unhealthy food has led the people here

to be quite lazy you know food draws

family together a fish rice nowadays and

then we would all be great important

mates that's taken all that chicken now

rule holds the crown for being the most

obese country per capita at 71 percent

and it certainly shows what else is

happening in Nauru the nature is


there's a wonderful Lagoon there are

beautiful beaches and lots of greenery

we are here on the beach and as you

might expect it is amazing look at this

nature of these rocks coming out of this

and water is super blue and crystal

clear this is the Pacific Islands my

friends as we are next to the equator

it's obnoxiously hot and humid

year-round especially right now during

rainy season the only accepted currency

is the Australian dollar and make sure

to bring a lot of cash before arriving

because the ATMs often run out things

are pretty expensive here like really

expensive because everything needs to be

imported mostly from Australia JZ bites

there are two embassies on the island

Taiwan and Australia as well as some

world war ii historical landmarks but

some things aren't so nice like the

piles of trash and junkyards seen on the

side of the streets in equal parts as

for sports many people like to play the

australian invention of footy but Naru

is world renowned for one sport that

takes place in the gym weightlifting

yeah we are we are built closer ground

like tanks but the International

powerlifting events where world record

holders here in Nauru for the size of

merit incredible so long story short I

have really enjoyed my three days here

in Nauru and I would definitely come

back there's a lot of surprises here the

locals are really friendly and there's

just something special about being here

I mean for me going to every country in

the world coming here to Nauru knowing

that not many people have been here it's

just a really special place to check off

the list and yeah see you guys here next

time last question are you proud to be

now we're very proud to be Darwin


I'm always proud to be in our own I mean

I was educated myself in Australia for

10 years but there's never been an

inkling of wanting to migrate out of

Nauru I come back to Nauru and most

neurons have that attitude we are like

homing pigeons we go out we get educated

whatever we come back home because

there's where our heart is I'm Drew

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confusing but above all it's futuristic

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