How To Eliminate Self Doubt Forever & The Power of Your Unconscious Mind | Peter Sage | TEDxPatras

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for thousands of years some of the

smartest people in the world been asking

themselves versions of the same question

why do we like what we like is there a

formula for beauty for popularity for

human affinity and the ancient Greeks

said yes of course there is it's the

golden ratio 1.62 etcetera etc 2:1 and

then the enlightening kurz Enlightenment

thinkers said yes of course there is

it's it's consti of aesthetics but today

we don't have the golden ratio we don't

have philosophers we have Google and

Facebook we have advertisers and in the

advertiser formula the first variable is

always novelty this is a scientific fact

they actually went through several

decades ago all of the words they could

possibly find in all the advertisements