Life Beyond Knowledge | Shi Heng Yi | TEDxYouth@LakeManalapan

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Transcriber: Yunhan Jiang Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs

Good morning.

(Ethereal music)

It has been quite a privilege

being able to grow up in two quite different ways of life.

I was born in Germany,

and at the same time had the chance

to learn more about an ancient art coming from the Shaolin Temple.

When you grow up in an Asian family,

it is quite common

that firstly, you don't argue with your father,

and secondly, you either become medical doctor,

engineer, or lawyer.

Elsewise your parents will be very unhappy.

So having that said,

I finished my academic education with two university degrees,

an MBA,

and quite a collection of different certificates and diplomas -

everything that my parents thought would be useful to have.

But throughout this education,

I felt something was missing.