Roll Your Own With The Zig Zag Rolling Machine

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hey what's up I'm going to show you how

to use the zig zag rolling machine so if

you're like me you're probably like how

do you use this thing but if you're like

me now you're like oh dude I know how to

use this thing I'm not making a video

about it so there's just a few easy

steps you're going to load it up roll it

insert the paper roll some more and last

but not least you're going to smoke that

[ __ ] now here we go

load it up so you want to open it up put

in a filter and just slide it to the

side then put in a big pinch of whatever

you're smoking now you might want to do

this over a sheet of paper or a magazine

because there could be some spillage and

you just want to collect that then you

want to roll it so you're going to close

it back up pick it up in your hands and

actually turn both rollers towards you