How to Trill Your Rs

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everybody this is Aaron Riley from

linguistic ATAR and in this video I am

going to teach you how to trill your R's

trilling ours is a skill that can be

learned anyone can do it you just need

to know physically how to do it so the

trillium are the biggest mistake people

make is to think that it is done by a

active movement of the tongue as in the

other that where you are actually moving

your tongue up against the roof of your

mouth that is not true it is more like a

flag flapping in the wind your tongue is

just flesh and you need to let it be

just completely lifeless so put no

tension in the tongue whatsoever it

needs to be completely relaxed and the

tongue the the sound is made by a stream

of air flow going over the tip of the

tongue as it is being lifted up against

the roof of the mouth very common